Nicolas Dechaume or de Culmis
In 1316 Dechaume made a visit of inspection to the cathedral of Chartres with Pierre de Chelles and Jacques Lonjumeau of Paris. In 1319 he was made supervising architect (maître de l'œuvre) of the cathedral of Sens, and retained that office until 1339. He is supposed to have built, at that cathedral, the central stone tower, the chapels of the deambulatory, and most of those of the nave.

Andrea Ognabene
goldsmith and sculptor.
The son of Jacopo, a goldsmith of Pistoja. In 1316 he made the bas-reliefs from the life of Christ in the altar of S. Jacopo at Pistoja signed PER ME ANDREAM IACOBI OGNABENIS AVRIFICEM DE PISTORIO. This famous altar was begun in 1287, continued by Ognabene in 1316, by Giglio in 1353, by Piero of Florence in 1357, and by Leonardo di Giovanni in 1371.

Pierre de Chelles
It appears from the records of the cathedral of Chartres that Pierre de Chelles, Maître de l'Œuvre de la Cathédrale de Paris, and others visited the cathedral of Chartres as experts September 9, 1316. They found that repairs were needed in the vault at the intersection of the nave and transept, in the buttresses, and in the Grande Tour. This Pierre was probably a son or brother of Jean de Chelles, and may have succeeded him as architect of Notre Dame (cathedral of Paris).




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