17122401   Appian Way Ichnographia Campus Martius IPC Berlin Las Vegas Strip Roma Interrotta plan images   217ii03

17122301   Appian Way Ichnographia Campus Martius Las Vegas Strip Roma Interrotta plan images   2063i01   b

17122103   Ichnographia Campus Martius Roma Interrotta Sectors plan images   223gi04

17122002   Ichnographia Campus Martius Roma Interrotta Sectors plan images   223gi02
17122001   Ichnographia Campus Martius Roma Interrotta Sectors plan images plus 17120401 data   223gi01

17121502   IQ15 Pantheon Paradigm plans ICM plans   6415i01

171121202   Hadrian's Villa Collegio Ichnographia Campus Martius Parkway Interpolation images   206ki10   b
171121201   Hadrian's Villa Collegio Ichnographia Campus Martius images   206ki09   b

17111105   Pantheon IQ15 ICM plans image   206gi43   b

17111104   ICMS18 plans 4400x2200   2110i134
17111103   ICMS17 plans 4400x2200   2110i133
17111102   ICMS15 plans 4400x2200   2110i132
17111101   ICMS14 plans 4400x2200   2110i131
17111005   ICMS13 plans 4400x2200   2110i130
17111004   ICMS12 plans 4400x2200   2110i129
17111003   ICMS11 plans 4400x2200   2110i128
17111002   ICMS10 plans 4400x2200   2110i127
17111001   ICMS09 plans 4400x2200   2110i126
17110902   ICMS08 plans 4400x2200   2110i125
17110901   ICMS07 plans 4400x2200   2110i124
17110802   ICMS06 plans 4400x2200   2110i123
17110801   ICMS05 plans 4400x2200   2110i122
17110603   ICMS04 plans 4400x2200   2110i121
17110602   ICMS03 plans 4400x2200   2110i120
17110601   ICMS02 plans 4400x2200   2110i119
17102903   ICMS01 plans 4400x2200   2110i118

17102902   map/plans orthagonal IQ grid   2110i117

17041304   plans orthagonal rotated @ Sepulcher Augustus   2110i116

16102801   Pantheon Paradigm ICM Parkway Interpolation plans IQ15/19   243bi20

16102704   ICM IQ15/19 plans for Pantheon Paradigm   243bi19
16102703   ICM IQ19 plans for Pantheon Paradigm   243bi18
16102702   ICM IQ15 plans for Pantheon Paradigm   243bi17
16102602   Bustum Hadriani Palace of Versailles Parkway Interpolation for Pantheon Paradigm IQ15/19   243bi15

16081702   ICM non-Allen typologies plans   2110i115
16081701   ICM beginning and end plans   2110i114

16013109   ICM IQ16 ly31-33 35-36   2110i113
16013108   ICM IQ15 ly23-29 35-42   2110i112
16013107   ICM IQ20 ly18-20 30-33 36   2110i111
16013106   ICM IQ19 ly1-12 17 18 20-27 30 34 36-38   2110i110
16013105   ICM IQ18 ly1 2   2110i109
16013104   ICM IQ24 ly12 14 15 18 19   2110i108
16013103   ICM IQ23 ly1 3 4 6 11-18   2110i107
16013102   ICM IQ28 ly14   2110i106
16013101   ICM IQ27 ly12-14   2110i105

15090403   ICM IQ20 plans   3392ui79   b

15032601   Circus Agonalia first state plans images attached   2110i104
15032501   Circus Domitiae Circus Hadriani first state plans images attached   2110i103

15022013   ICM green=67 IQ grid   2110i102

15012501   Horti Luciliani with other plans implanted   2110i101

14121301   1100x550 plan   2110i00

14111202   plans within Clay Workers Co-op 22002 border   2110i100

14051401   plans along the Equirria   2110i99  9020c

14051303   axis of life plans   2110i98   9020c

14051302   contiguous elements plans   2110i97

14051201   initial redrawn plans   2110i96

14030502   Tiber   2110i95

14030501   Triumphal Way Pantheon Paradigm  243bi03

13122701   non-Allen typologies   206fi21

13122601   beginning and end   2110i94

13092001   Pantheon within the IQ08 plans   206fi05

13062501   contiguous elements   2110i93   9020b

12091209   IQ09   2092i05
12091208   IQ08   2070i07
12091107   IQ07   2110i92
12091106   IQ06   2110i91
12091105   IQ05   2092i04
12090704   IQ04   2091i05
12090703   IQ03   2110i90
12090702   IQ02   2170i34
12090701   IQ01   2110i89

11111501   plans world's tallest buildings elevations   2081i02

11091801   ICM Capitoline Hill Forum scan plans in register   2110i88

11051201   promenade architecturale plans ICM Triumphal Way   2401i07

11042201   Capitoline Hill plan (raw) with Antichita Forum and lower ICM registration not set   2401i06
11042002   Antichita Forum plan (raw) with lower ICM   2401i05

11012701   plan   2110i87
10122702   plan   2110i86

10122701   upper Janiculum   2110i85
10122501   Insula Tiberina lower Janiculum   2110i84
10122001   upper theater district   2110i83
10121101   Theatrum Marcelli etc.   2110i82
10112201   Porticus Pompejanae   2110i81
10111001   Villa Publica etc.   2110i80
10041701   Thermae Agrippae Thermae Hadriani Diribitorium   2110i79
10021401   Stagnum Agrippae Thermae Alexandri Severi   2110i78

10013002   plan   2110i77

10021301   Campus Agrippa   2110i76
10013001   Septa Julia Servian Wall   2110i75
10012401   Amphitheatrum Statilii Tauri Porticus Neptuni   2110i74

10011701   Horti Argiani etc.   3392pi01

09112203   various plans   2110i73

09112202   plan   2110i72

09111601   various plans   2110i71

09101901   plan   2110i70
09092901   plan   2110i69

09090901   various plans   2110i68
09082501   various plans   2110i67
09082201   various plans   2110i66

09021901   new plans   2110i65

09012401   Horti Luciliani plan   2419i10
09012201   Horti Lucilliani plan   2419i09

07102401   Ichnographia Quondam   2110i64   b
07101904   Ichnographia Quondam   2110i63

07091302   database for redrawing   2110i62

07091202   Janiculum   2110i61

07061901   plan   2110i60

07060801   Horti Salustiani   2110i59

060429a     ICM plans   2360i02

051021a   ICM plans   2350i18

050219a   Horti Salustiani   2110i58

050201b   Sepulcher Augustus axonometric   2350i10
050201a   Sepulcher Augustus model   2350i09

041018c   IQ Palais des Congrès plans perspective   2342i25

041018b   IQ Axis of Life BFParkway plans   2342i24

040821a   Bustum Hadriani analysis D'Aulerio   2342i12

040809c   plans   2342i10
040809b   plans   2342i09

040511a   Gymnasium Neronis etc.   2110i57

040324l   skeleton within Porticus Neronianae circle/square juncture   2342i06
040324j   skeleton and Porticus Neronianae circle/square juncture   2342i05

040310b   Horti Salustiani plan   2342i03

040310a   plan   2110i56

040304a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway/ICM plans   2093i11
040302a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway/ICM plans   2093i10

040106a   IQ study   3392ji01

031215b   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM plans   2330i10

031215a   Palais des Congrès ICM plans   2330i09

031207c   Center City Philadelphia with ICM plans   2093i09
031207b   Center City Philadelphia with ICM plans   2093i08
031207a   Center City Philadelphia with ICM plans   2093i07
031206a   Center City Philadelphia Ara Martis plans   2330i06

031113b   various plans along Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2070i03
031113a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM Altes Museum House 10: Museum Parliament of West Pakistan   2120i17
03111202   B.F. Parkway Basilica Sessorianum City Hall Porticus Neroniani etc. plans   2330i03
03111201   Center City Philadelphia Parliament Building of West Pakistan etc. plans   2330i02

030305b   with Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2110i55
030305a   with Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2110i54
030304b   with Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2110i53
030304a   with Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2110i52

021225a   plans   232ai25

020227c   Axis of Life   2110i51
020227b   Axis of Life   2110i50

01122301   various plans   2110i49

010719c   Bustum Hadriani   2110i48
010719b   Bustum Hadriani   2110i47
010719a   Bustum Hadriani plans   231ai15

001114b   various plans   2110i46

000619a   districts   2110i45

99121830   Villa Rotunda Porticus Neroniani circle/square plans   2302i30

99012901   eros et thanatos   2110i44

98111708   various plans   2110i41

98111707   sepulchers   2110i40
98111706   porticus   2110i39
98111705   military   2110i38
98111704   horti   2110i37

98111703   various plans   2110i36

981117b   Septa Julia   2110i43

981117a   various plans   2110i42

98100701   Officinae machinarum militarium model   2110i35

98062904   ICM grids   3392di03
98062903   various plans   2110i34
98062902   various plans   2110i33

98062901   contiguous elements   2110i32

98052901   with Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2093i02

98052102   various plans   2110i31
98052101   various plans   2110i30
98051101   various plans   2110i29
98041501   various plans   2110i28
98030101   various plans   2110i27

97122901   geometric analysis   2110i26

97122703   scale comparisons   2110i25
97122702   scale comparisons   2110i24
97122701   scale comparisons   2110i23

97110502   various plans   2110i22
97110501   various plans   2110i21

97081902   stadiums   2110i20
970819a   nymphaeums   2110i19

96102302   plans   2110i18
96102301   plans   2110i17

96092518   Porticus Neroniani Villa Rotunda plans   2110i16
96092517   Porticus Neroniani Eakins Oval plans   2110i15
96092516   Porticus Neroniani Villa Rotunda 5233 Arbor St. plans   2110i14

96092515   plans   2110i13

96092514   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i12
96092513   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i11
96092512   Benjamin Franklin Parkway superimposed plans   2110i10

96092511   schematic plans   2110i09

96092510   Horti Luciniani, model   2110i08

96092509   Bustum Hadriani analysis   2110i07

96092508   contiguous elements   2110i06
96092507   contiguous elements   2110i05

96092506   axis of life plans   2110i04

96092505   plans   2110i03
96092504   plans   2110i02
96092503   plans   2110i01
96092501   Horti Neroniani original scale   3392bi01