17122901   GAUA scheme alternative Philadelphia street grid Altes Museum Palace of Assembly Museum of Knowledge Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Wallraf-Richartz Museum Museum for Arts & Crafts plans   2429i226

17111107   Pantheon Paradigm s06 plans image   243bi26

17042401   Altes Museum model GAUA site plan 1100x550 plans model w/porch elevation   2120i51
17041603   Altes Museum GAUA site plan 1100x550 plans elevation   2120i50
17041601   Altes Museum GAUA site plan 1100x550 plans model trees   2120i49

16071005   IQ60/03 Campo Rovine Basilica of St. Agnes Altes Museum Garden of Satire plans   6460i04
16071004   IQ60/02 Campo Rovine Basilica Sessorianum Mausoleum of Costantina Altes Museum Garden of Satire Museum of Shadows plans   6460i03

16062005   IQ43 Palace of Versailles Altes Museum plans   2092i12

16053102   GAUA IQ24 sector 22 site plan Altes Museum Berlin plan model   2429i176   b   c

16051601   IQ43 Palace of Versailles Altes Museum/Berlin plans   2092i11

16021405   Stirling's Muses plans   2234i04

16020602   Altes Museum Packhof Berlin models Ottopia plans   2120i48   b

15121202   Altes Museum Dominican Motherhouse split plans   2120i47
15121201   Altes Museum Pantheon paradigms   2120i46

15121001   museum compilation IQ Northeast Philadelphia plans   2092i13   b   c   d   e   f
15111901   museum compilation 22002 plans IQ   3392ui83   b   c

15081302 Altes Museum Customs Office of the Neue Packhof Berlin model layers renamed etc. GAUA site plan   2120i45   b

15062504   Altes Museum plan elevation 1100x550   3392ui65

15021508   Altes Museum base extended Ottopia   2120i44

15021507   Gooding House Altes Museum plans elevations   2120i43

15012501   Horti Luciliani with other plans implanted   2110i101

15012003   Berlin Altes Museum Customs Office model plans @ GAUA   2120i42

15012002   Berlin Altes Museum Customs Office model layers renamed   2120i41

15012001   Altes Museum @ GAUA 1100x550   2120i40

14121801   site plan 1100x550   2120i00

14090703   museum compilation plans 22002 contexts   2080i31

14050804   Lustgarten 22002 context plans   2120i39

14040804   New Not There City   206bi17
14030802   Pantheon Paradigm 22002 context plans   206gi31
14030505   Pantheon Paradigm context plan   243bi04
14030504   GAUA context plan   2120i38
14030503   original Berlin context NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2120i37
14022801   Pantheon Paradigm novel chapter IQ08 IQ11 site plan   206gi28
14021304   Ottopia/NNTC NEPhiladelphia context plan   2070i24
13120206   IQ06 plans   2080i19

13110301   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plans   2120i36
13102701   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plans   2120i35
13102602   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plan development   2120i34
13102601   GAUA IQ03 IQ06 plan development   2120i33   b

13101201   novel architecturale1 plans   206fi16
13100102   promenade architecturale plans   206fi14
13100101   osmotic architectures plans   206fi13
13092903   porticii comparisons plans   2120i32
13092902   Parthenon columns elevation   2066i03
13092801   Ara Martis etc. plans   2120i31
13092701   promenade architecturale plans   206fi2

13092601   Schinkel's Berlin context plan   2120i30
13092501   Le Corbusier's 1958 Berlin context plan   2120i29

13092301   Pantheon Paradigm plans   206fi09
13092001   Pantheon Paradigm plans   206fi05

13091602   Stirling inspirations plans   2120i28

13091202   International Planning Competition for Berlin scan plans   2120i27

13091002   novel architecturale1 plans   206fi04
13090303   novel architecturale1 plans   206fi03

13083001   [virtual] Museum Museum model development   2120i26

13070702   plan elevations   2120i25

13062701   NNTC/Ottopia plan   2070i22
13041501   NNTC/Ottopia plan   206bi06
13033103   Ottopia/NNTC plan   2070i21
13032702   Ottopia/NNTC plan development   2070i20

12091208   IQ081 plans   2070i07

12012301   Altes Museum St. Pierre Firminy-Vert Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen   2120i24
12012201   Altes Museum Museum of Arts & Crafts   2080i18
12012001   Altes Museum Hurva Synagogue   2080i17

11051201   promenade architecturale plans ICM Triumphal Way   2401i07

09040801   IQ1   2120i23   b

09020102   Palace of Versailles Horti Lucilliani Medica Minerva St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra Whitemarsh Hall Mikveh PMP St. Pierre Altes Museum Basilica Sessoriana plans   206ii03
09012501   Horti Luciliani Medica Minerva St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra Whitemarsh Hall Mikveh PMP St. Pierre Altes Museum Basilica Sessoriana plans   206ii02

07091301   museum plans   2142i17

06122601   IQ1   2120i22

051006a   museum plans   2120i21
050113d   comparative scale plans   2070i04

031208a   Center City Philadelphia Altes Museum Palais des Congrès   2120i20   b
031203b   museum plans Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2120i19
031203a   museum plans   2120i18
031113b   various plans along Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2070i03   2120i17c
031113a   Benjamin Franklin Parkway ICM Altes Museum House 10: Museum Parliament of West Pakistan   2120i17   b
03111202   B.F. Parkway Basilica Sessorianum City Hall Porticus Neroniani etc. plans   2330i03
03111201   Center City Philadelphia Parliament Building of West Pakistan etc. plans   2330i02

020802b   Altes Museum St. Pierre Firminy-Vert Palais des Congrès Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters Hurva Synagogue plans sections elevations   2120i16

011031a   model development   2120i15
010119a   model Berlin context   2120i14

00092101   original Quondam elevations group   2080i01
99121836   elevation   2120i13

99121835   sculpture group   2302i33
99121834   sculpture group   2302i32

99121831   axonometric   2120i12
99121828   museum plans superimposition   2120i11
99121827   museum plans elevations   2120i10
99121824   Quondam group elevations   2120i09
99121823   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen elevations   2120i08
99121821   various plans scales circle/square man   2120i07

99121816   Quondam elevations plans   2302i26

991218c   comparative scale plans   2120i06
991218b   comparative scale plans sections elevations   2120i05
99121734   Altes Museum Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen plans   2120i04
98081202   perspectives   2120i03
98081201   Altes Museum perspectives   3392di02
98061702   perspective   2120i02
98061701   plan elevations   2120i01

97050704   Chronosomatics temple and Altes Museum plan   2296i03