16072501   IQ55/06 Ottopia Lauf Haus der Kunst Governor's Palace Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank plans   6455i07

16072202   IQ59/09 Ottopia Chandigarh Capital Complex Governor's Palace Place of Assembly Free-Form Building plans   6459i02

16072002   IQ58/11 Karastan Palace of Versailles Pruitt-Igoe Housing Villa Rotunda Maison Dom-ino Whitemarsh Hall Villa Stein de Monzie Villa à Garches Composition Three Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage 5233 Houses Under a Common Roof Farnsworth House Governor's Palace Burden House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   6458i12   b

16030404   plan site plan 2200x1100 Chandigarh NNTC IQ59   2177i36

16011601   plans images attached   2177i35

15062704   plan 1100x550   3392ui74

15062107   Le Corbusier architecture plans   3400gi02

15013007   plan @ GAUA 1100x550   2177i34
15012303   GAUA site plan   2177i33
15012101   IQ03 streets/blocks opaque GAUA plans IQ06 streets/blocks plans   2177i32

15011901   GAUA site plan   2177i31
15010103   GAUA site plan   2177i30
15010101   GAUA working base plan   3392ui01

14120605   Governor's Palace Chandigarh/NNTC 1100x550 site plan /domestic   2177i00

14120101   collection of domestic elevations @ 4800l   2080i36

14040804   NNTC   206bi17
14040803   Le Composites plans   2177i28
14030605   plan NNTC/Chandigarh context   2177i27
14030604   plan IQ02 context   2177i26
14030603   NNTC Chandigarh context   2177i25
140021306   plan Chandigarh Northeast Philadelphia context   2175i20
14021304   NNTC Northeast Philadelphia context Ottopia Ury Farm plans   2070i24

13120202   IQ02 plans   2175i19

13110301   Germantown Avenue University of Architecture plans   2120i36
13102701   Germantown Avenue University of Architecture plans   2120i35
13102602   Q Group [GAUA] along American Street Q Group site plans IQ3 IQ6 plans   2120i34
13102601   Q Group [GAUA] along Germantown Avenue IQ3 IQ6 plans   2120i33

13101602   NNTC master plan   206bi08
13062701   NNTC plans   2070i22
13041501   NNTC plans   206bi06
13040201   NNTC Chandigarh with mesh infill plans   2175i13
13033103   NNTC World Trade Center 2 Ottopia plans   2070i21
13033102   NNTC Ottopia Chandigarh Eutropia World Trade Center 2 working data   2175i12
13032702   NNTC World Trade Center 2 Ottopia plan development   2070i20
13032201   New Not There City site development   2177i24

13022001   Chandigarh Capital Complex Palace of Versailles plans superimposed   2092i07

13021901   Chandigarh Capital Complex plans   2177i23

13021501   model in register   2177i22

13021402   plans and scans all in register (relative to the site plan)   2177i21
13021401   all scans aligned, each floor separate, elevation scans aligned   2177i20

12111311   IQ11 composite plans   2177i19
12110902   IQ02 plans   2175i09
12091208   IQ108 plans   2070i07

12012303   Villa Savoye Governor's Palace elevations scale comparisons   2156i14   3296

11110701   plans contemporary architecture   2170i22 3137
11110101   plans Le Corbusier architecture   2140i07 3132

11072501   model reduced .9112   2177i18
11072101   plans elevations   2177i17   b

09021701   IQ1 plans   2060i05
09021303   IQ1 St. Peter's Square Palace of Versailles Capital Complex at Chandigarh Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti Palais des Congrès plans   2177i16
09011502   IQ1 with Philadelphia street grid   2177i15
08030702   IQ1 2008.03.07   2177i14
07122108   IQ108 plans   2177i13
07111201   IQ108 plans   2177i12

07071802   Le Composites schematic elevations   2177i11
07071801   Le Composites schematic plans   2177i10
07071701   Le Corbusier designs plans   2140i05

07070501   IQ1 in progress   2177i09
07070201   IQ108 plans   2177i08
07062802   IQ108 plans   2177i07
07062801   Quondam plans collectiom   2177i06

020314b   model   2177i05

011125d   domestic architecture plans   2140i04
011125b   domestic architecture elevations   2170i03
001124c   domestic architecture plans   2239i01

00092105   Q Group elevations   2177i04
99121816   Quondam elevations plans   2302i26

99092008   model plan   2177i03
990920a   plans elevations site plan   2177i02

97071504   Quondam collection elevations   2296i11