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And, finally, along the least used path between the farm and the woods, not more than twenty feet in front of me, a group of four that I spotted before being spotted by them--they high-tailed it in opposite directions! But before all that, there was playing miniature golf along the Iron Curtain, dinner in Iceland twice (same waitress--"Otto, why is it always fish?" "Steve, it's an island!"), and still being driven around in a Mercedes-Benz 220S. If anything, I remember being somewhat let down by the atrium of the Hyatt Regency, like it already look dated or cliché or something, and I couldn't quite make out what all the fuss was about. Anyway, one day I was being taken to someplace specific but not being told where. While driving through what must be the most manicured neighborhoods on the planet, I figured out where I was being taken but only said, "we're going to rope belts" to prove I guessed correctly. And here I thought architects prided themselves for being such good problem solvers. What really bothers me though is the notion that Kahn's architecture being inspired by his youthful surroundings is now seen as some new insight. "The same or almost the same points were always being approached afresh from different directions, and new sketches made." And then it became virtually nauseating again when individuals try to project their comfort zones as being somehow axiomatic. To further confuse the issue, see pages 56-58 of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture--interesting theory of movie star homes being "the most influential in popular taste." Black_Orchid, the Vitra Fire House was 'abandoned' for a legitimate reason, something along the lines of there no longer being a need for in-house fireman at the Vitra site. It's odd/funny, seeing this ZHA building and being made aware of it's connection to Lebbeus Woods has made me now much more appreciative of Lebbeus Woods' designs. It's odd/funny, seeing this ZHA building and being made aware of it's connection to Lebbeus Woods has made me now much more appreciative of Lebbeus Woods' designs. There are lots of architectures for which there is no precedent being designed these days. "Monroe describes a fairly effective method of inducing a state in which one has the feeling of being able to leave one's body, move through walls and so on." I've been to LA several times, in June, August and September, and stayed in various homes, and I do remember it being comfortable without air-conditioning. "Cathedral is the most complex single object of Hejduk's career, gatherig up the most significant of his formal inventions and collapsing them onto a simple rectanglar volume, or perhaps a thick wall, with all the being-together of diverse formal elements on the vertical plane that his Wall apparatus captures." To my mind, Trump being President-elect and also being a personal-brand business man point to an automatic conflict of interest for an acting President. Oh, and maybe I was mistaken about the conference being at Penn. But, I fall on the side of Schumacher/his ideology not being all that consequential outside a (let's face it) relatively small segment of the global architectural community. Stats really don't play any part in Quondam's reason for being. "Architect Ian Ritchie wrote that "being provocative and trying to stir debate is disingenuous, and should not be allowed to serve as a free pass to say anything."" So, davvid, you think one being entitled to an audience should be based on what one says? So, davvid, you think one being entitled to invitations to speak at prestigious conferences should be based on what one says? Sure, but be aware that ignoring and being ignorant are here pretty much the same thing. "It's published in England, and I can't imagine it being sold anywhere in Wildwood, New Jersey." As you might have already guessed, the magazine being sold at the grocery store was not Architectural Design, but the September/October 1976 issue of Architectural Digest. Kozumelle, rather than being critical, I was being creative. The house was being surveyed and measured top to bottom for HABS--drawings now at the Library of Congress. Akhenaten is also extreme himself within Egyptian history as being the "heretic" Pharaoh because he transformed Egyptian religion from extreme polytheism to and absolute monotheism. Perhaps I'm here being overly simplistic, but recent architectural tropes and the pronouncements of such often appear to be elaborate justifications for what is otherwise plainly arbitrary in terms of ultimate design form. The question is then whether anything AR [Augmented Reality] is capable of being a legal document. "So what you're saying is there are no good women architects out there who are worthy of being included in this lecture series." It's not a matter of me being upset, rather an indication of the duplicity of this operation. Where I found the design makes no mention of it being a final school project. It is a commissioned design; uncertain as to whether the commission is currently being carried out or not. In the sense that he "insisted" to being an architect, Lebbeus Woods was a (relatively rare) architect of otherness. So far it seems that a thin line between the real and the virtual very easily manifests evil, and that's just another reason that I think the real and the virtual not being the same thing is a good thing. To be honest, I miss myself not interacting at archinect, but their whole new form of control of content (and immediate censorship of criticism toward archinect) has very much turned me off from being involved. A month ago, it was being found out that Venturi's Eclectic Houses are far more complicated than they at first appear. And I don't appreciate being labeled a bum or a homeless dude. The kicky part about Helena being Julian's great grandmother is that the first wife of Julian's grandfather, Constantius I, is Julian's great grandmother Helena and then the second wife of Constantius I is Julian's grandmother Theodora. ...the notion of the Ichnographia being used (perhaps for the first time) as a "guide map." composition 1a : the act or action of composing : the formation of a whole especially by different things being put together "The rain being over I walked on untill I came to Mr. Eddows place--here they gave me fruit and I made a slight sketch of their house almost covered with trees." Yes, there is the omnipresent irony of films themselves not being real to begin with.




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