mélange   3400   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   q   r   s

Pyramids of Gizeh   3400   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j
Stonehenge   3400e   k   l   m   n   o   p   q   r   s
Temple of Poseidon
The Parthenon
Temple of Horus   3400e   f   j   r   s
Appian Way
Pantheon   3400e   f   l   q   r   s
Hadrian's Villa   3400k   q
Temple of Venus and Rome   3400r   s

Minerva Medica
Circus of Maxentius   3400e   f
Tomb of Romulus   3400e   f
Arch of Janus Quadrifrons
Thermae Helenae
Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine
Arch of Constantine   3400e   f
Baths of Constantine
Basilica of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus   3400r   s
Mausoleum of Helena

Basilica Sessorianum   3400r   s
Basilica of St. Agnes   3400r   s
Mausoleum of Constantina   3400r   s
Sts. Sergius and Bacchus   3400r   s
Lingaraja Temple   3400e   f
Our Lady of Reims
San Stefano
Beauvais Cathedral   3400c   e   f   g
Santa Maria Novella
Tempio Malatestiano   3400r   s

Santa Maria della Grazie
Tempietto   3400o   p
St. Peter's Basilica   3400r   s
Sant'Eligio degli Orefici
Fortifications of Florence
Sehzade Cami
Porta Pia
Villa Rotonda
San Giorgio Maggiore   3400s
Il Redentore

St. Peter's Square
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
Palace/Park of Versailles   33400h
City of Philadelphia   3400   b   f
Ury House
Ury Farm
St. Genevieve/Panthéon
Mount Pleasant
Ichnographia Campus Martius   33400i
Altes Museum

Customs Office of the Neue Packhof
Monument to Friedrich the Great
Philadelphia City Hall
Eiffel Tower   3400c   g
Reading Terminal Headhouse
Glasgow School of Art
John Wanamaker Store
Unity Temple
Palace Stoclet
Robie House

AEG Turbine Factory   3400j
Maison Dom-ino
Glass Pavilion
Whitemarsh Hall
Philadelphia Museum of Art   33400i
Stockholm Public Library
Salon d'Automne or Maison Citröhan
Maison du Peintre Ozenfant
Immeubles Villa
Schindler-Chace House

Maison La Roche-Jeanneret
Schröder House
Pavilion de l'Esprit Nouveau
Wolf House
Villa Stein de Monzie
Villa à Garches
Weissenhof Siedlung
Single House Weissenhof
Row Houses Weissenhof

Apartment Building Weissenhof
Lovell House
Lange House
Villa Baizeau
German Pavilion
Composition Three
Maison de M.X.
Villa Savoye
PSFS Building
Tugendhat House

Tuberculosis Sanitorium
Villa Müller
Pavillon Suisse
Plan Obus
Maison de Verre
Gericke House
Casa del Fascio
Courthouse with Garage
Hubbe House
Gothenburg Law Courts

Jacobs House
Johnson Wax Building and Research Tower
Plan für Gross-Berlin
5233 Arbor Street
Villa Mairea
Guggenheim Museum
Houses Under a Common Roof
Farnsworth House
Kaufmann Desert House

Baker House
Barragan House and Studio
Weiss House
Gateway Arch
860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments
Glass House
Eames House and Studio
Maison Curutchet
Querini Stampalia Foundation

Capital Complex at Chandigarh
Fifty by Fifty House
Yale Art Gallery
Notre Dame du Haut   3400s
Crown Hall
Das Canoas House
Casa de Vidro
Governor's Palace
Palace of Assembly
Pruitt-Igoe Housing

Lever House
Unité d'Habitation
Fruchter House
Price Tower
Monastery of La Tourette   3400s
De Vore House
Adler House
Maisons Jaoul
Seagram Building   3400g   q
William A. M. Burden House

Villa Shodhan
Municipal Administration Building
Maison Louis Carré
City Tower   3400g   q
Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp
Halen Estate
Bacardi Office Building
Richards Medical Research Building and Biology Building
International Planning Competition for Berlin
Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse

Goldenberg House
Bristol Township Offices
Leicester University Engineering Building
Vanna Venturi House
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Erdman Hall
Museum of Knowledge
Tower of Shadows
Fisher House
Margaret Esherick House

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Milam House
Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti   3400j
House 8
Neue Nationalgalerie
Levy Memorial Playground
St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert   3400s
Fredensborg Houses
Sea Ranch Condominiums 1
Maison de l'Homme

House 10: Museum
Cambridge History Faculty Building
Palais des Congrès
Hotels at the Palais des Congrès
Fairmount Park Fountain Competition
Un Pavillon d'Exposition
College of Architecture
Acadia National Park Headquarters Building
Parliament Building of West Pakistan
Smith House

Dominican Motherhouse   3400s
Phillip Exeter Library
Mikveh Israel Synagogue   3400s
Tower for Princeton Memorial Park
Frug House 1
Frug House 2
Florey Building
Kimbell Art Museum
Santa Maria Assunta

Saltzman House
House 14
House 15
Hurva Synagogue   3400s
House II
House in Old Westbury
House III
Gallaratese Housing Block
Museum of Hamar
Brant House

Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes   3400j
Cemetery of San Cataldo
Gunma Perfectual Museum of Modern Art
Pompidou Centre
Las Vegas Strip
Can Lis
World Trade Center
Wall House 2
House VI
Monchengladbach Museum

Bianchi House
Silent Witnesses
Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen   3400n   o
Wallraf-Richartz Museum
Breslauer Platz
Ridgeway House
Housing for La Villette
Urban Components
10x10x10 Cube

Matsumoto House
UNEP Headquarters
Eclectic Houses
Gooding House
Dresdner Bank
Gehry Residence
Neue Staatsgalerie
Girard East Housing
Retreat House
Wagner House

Roma Interrotta
Brant House Addition
Clay Workers Co-op
Il Teatro del Mondo
Museum of Arts and Crafts
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 001
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 002
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 003
Sampietro House
Giovannetti House

Museum of Decorative Arts
National Museum of Roman Art
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 004
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 005
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 006
Museum of Architecture
Menil Collection
Institute of Contemporary Art
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 007
Cooper & Pratt House



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