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21st century buildings

good DTM work--skins

mesh surface libraries

upon a collage of mesh surfaces

"skin" elevations as flat facades

wavy bottom undulating

rotate-extruding building sections

Go Go Home Museum

"Bilbao Affect"

a new hyperform architecture

mesh surfaces "bonded" via "walls" "towers" "floors"

Quondam Wavelengths

shapes and surfaces that for the most part cannot be mentally imagined prior to the computer operations

Iconography, or the problem of representation

messiness and experimentation and discovery

ichnographia non-virtual non-context

the separate surface...

Eventual Cities--Architecture Not Now

outside the 'expected' parameters

Institute of Transhumanism

a transhumanist cemetery

Mesh Surface City Blocks

Working Title Museum 002

Casa Unbekannt 001


hyperbuilding take two

just wait architecture

probably soon architecture


the Almost Semiquincentennial House series

in terrain

toward the development of 'forms' into buildings

flying carpets as masterplan?

if something new actually did show up

the built environment in outer space

Section House

Pandelusion Houses



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