Hagia Sophia

537 Hagia Sophia
1506 Mosque of Bayazid II at Istanbul
1616 Mosque of Mahomet II at Istanbul

2009.08.19 15:18
Postmodernism sucks... discuss
Purist perhaps in the sense that I'm most interested in the source material that's available.
Regarding S. Sophia:
I'd read Procopius, Buildings of Justinian.
I'd research the church's history within the Orthodox hierarchy.
I'd refresh my knowledge of the Fall of Constantinople.
I'd try to research/document as best as possible the change from church to mosque. (and, as a sidebar, research/document all the mosques that reenact S. Sophia)
I'd try to research/document how "Constantinople has continued up to the present day as the seat of a Patriarch of the Orthodox Church."
I'd try to research/document how the mosque changed to a museum. (It sounds like there may be some actual legistation, and, if so, I'd suspect the wording to be very interesting and informative.)
I'd try to research/document how the museum operates.
The pre-Justinian Church of Aya Sophia in Constantinople was burned Jan. 15, 532 A.D. The work of reconstruction was begun Feb. 23 of the same year, and the new building was dedicated Dec. 26, 537...




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