Houses Under a Common Roof

1944 Houses Under a Common Roof
1950 Synthesis of the Major Arts--Project "Porte Maillot 50"
1956 William A. M. Burden House
1963-67 Maison l'Homme
1974-79 Day - Night House
1976 Housing for La Villette
1977-84 Hypostyle House
1981 Highrise of Homes
1989-91 School of Architecture, Newcastle University

2000.08.08 12:21
Re: Architecture @ Newcastle discussion
Upon first seeing (in print) Michael Wilford's BSC Buildings at Newcastle in the early 1990s, I immediately recognized them as a beautifully evocative and provocative reenactment of Le Corbusier's Heidi Weber Pavilion (Zurich, 1963-67). I especially like Wilford's inversion whereby he creates a positive space (as opposed to positive building) under the separate roof. I admit to being envious of students that are able to study architecture within this small yet delightfully architectural compound, and I have likewise wondered what teaching effect (if any) such a design has on those studying architecture there. (I also have to ask, are the buildings extremely noisy when it rains?)




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