Levy Memorial Playground

1963 Levy Memorial Playground
1965 Parliament Building and Capital Complex of West Pakistan
1965 Acadia National Park Headquarters Building
1968 Institute for Draughtsmen
1969 Library and Cultural Centre at Torre del Greco

2002.12.17 17:25
Re: a Bemused Tadao Ando observation
I have studied the evolution of Kahn's architecture beyond Kahn since my own architecture thesis 1981, and Ando's Museum of Literature design appears to the a late descendant of Kahn via late 1970s Stirling and early 1980s Isozaki.
Kahn's Levy Memorial Playground designs with Isamu Noguchi (1961-66, unbuilt), and his Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of Saint Catherine de Ricci* (1965-69, unbuilt) engendered much formal architectural play, a genealogy that goes mostly unnoticed by architectural historians. Much of Predock's, work, for example, especially "reenacts" the Levy Memorial Playground designs.
Interesting how you relate the Museum of Literature to a kind of theme park. It could easily be said that Kahn's formal playfulness was inspired by Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius, an ultimate plan of an ancient Roman theme park if there ever was one.
*Saint Catherine de Ricci is a very interesting saint. I researched her recently to see if Kahn's convent design in her name might somehow relate to the saint herself. I could not discern any direct correlation, but it is worth noting that Saint Catherine de Ricci was quite the reenactor.




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