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The Architect's Wheel   5702d
The Architect's Balance   5702e
The Fourth Unknown   5702f
Museum for Manuscripts Sculpture Miniatures Artifacts Painting   5702g
Home of the Architect   5702h
Institute for Perspective Investigations   5702i
Kutna Hora Trio   5702j
Galileo's Weight   5702k
Studio/House/Exhibition Rooms for Four Printmakers   5702l
House/Studio and Grounds for a Berlin Painter   5702m
House/Studio for the Potsdam Painter   5702n
House/Studio for the Preservation and Restoration of some of the Works of Hawthorne and Hopper   5702o
School for study of Architectural Fabrications and Dürer's Prints and Duras's Fictions   5702p
Art School   5702q
Conservatory   5702r
Lecture Hall and Seminar Rooms for the Introduction of Architecture   5702s
Museum for the Etchings of Dürer Holbein Picasso and Goya   5702t
Museum for Picasso Matisse and Giacometti   5702u
House on the Spanish Atlantic   5702v
Museum for some of the Works of Giacometti   5702w
Berlin Night   5702x
Jewish Museum   5702y
Berlin Night   5702z
Three Sisters of Hamburg   5703
Town Hall   5703b
Rooms of/for Justice   5703c
To Bear Witness   5703d
Reflection of the Silent Witness   5703e
Museum for Words   5703f
Court Room   5703g
The Internal Court   5703h
Inevitable Justice   5703i
Retreat House   5703j
Architectural Requium   5703k
Building for Holbein's Dance of Death   5703l
Two Visions   5703m
Psychiatric Center for the Study of...   5703n
Tower of Betrayal   5703o

Hospital Complex   5703p
Medical Museum Depicting...   5703q
College of Surgeons   5703r
School for the Study of the Analysis of Medical Autopsies   5703s
Hospital for Genetic Research   5703t
Medical Research Hospital and Crematorium outside of Oslo   5703u
Eight Night Chapels   5703v
Blue Chapel and the Cathedral   5703w
Place for Small Metal Sacred Objects   5703x
Retreat Complex   5703y
Cain and Abel   5703z
Church I   5704
Church II   5704b
Church III   5704c
Church IV   5704d
Church V   5704e
Sanctuary   5704f
Library for Books on Heaven and Hell   5704g
Monastery I   5704h
Monastery II   5704i
Nunnery   5704j
Museum for the Subjects Adam and Eve   5704k
Twin Chapels ... One a Three-Dimensional Shadow of the Other   5704l
Small Chapel Outside Brno   5704m
Chapel of the Two Rose Windows   5704n
Church Complex A   5704o
Church Complex B   5704p
Tomb for Space Shape/Form Light   5704q
Necropolis Cemetery for the Deaths of Architecture   5704r
Architectural Thoughts upon an Uccello Painting   5704s
Electra Quartet   5704t
Cemetery   5704u
Cemetery for Discarded Thoughts upon Imploding Geometries and Sharded Purities   5704v
A Northern Cemetery Complex outside of Oslo ... and the Dead Shall Rise   5704w
Cemetery for the Living and the Dead   5704x
The Three Serpents   5704y
_______________   5704z




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