Lancaster/Hanover Masque

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Presentation drawing for the Lancaster/Hanover Masque

The Voided Centre and Death House   5705b
Court House and Prison House   5705c
Retired Generalís House   Observation Tower   Wind Tower   Watch Tower   Retired Generalís Place   5705d
Cross-Over House   Collector's House   Animal Hospital   5705e
Church House   5705f
Church House   The Voided Centre   5705g 5706k
Hotel   Retired Actorís Place   Row Houses   Apartment House   Market   Carpenterís Place   Masonís Place   Fabricatorís Place   Farm Hospital   Farm Cemetery   5705h
Farm Grove   Hedge Walk   Horseshoe Place   Maypole   Post Office   Butterplace   Toll-takerís Place   Trapperís House   Accountantís Office   Suicideís House   5705i
Houses and Farm Hall   5705j  l
Houses, etc.   5705k
Hotel   5705m
Clothes Wagon   5705n
Store House   Scare-Crow House   Weather Station   5705o
Animal Hospital   Farm Library   Occupation Houses   5705p
Sower's Place   5705q
Reaper's House   5705r
Old Farmer's House   5705s
Maypole   Apartment House   5705t
Traveling Performers   5705u 5706s
School House   5705v
Farm Library   5705w
Music House   5705x
Market   5705y
Farm Hospital   Farm Cemetery   5705z
Cross-Over House   5706
Master Builder's House   5706b
Druggist's Place   Vaults   Prison House   5706c
Propietor's Place   5706d
Farm Manager's Office   5706e
Post Office   Inspector's House   Collector's House   5706f
Tin House   Suicide House   5706g
House of the Suicide   5706h   x
Prison House   5706i
Court House   5706j
Death House   5706l
Widow's House   5706m
Time Keeper's Place   5706n
Sketches   5706o   q   r   t   u   v   w
Solicitor's Office   5706p

01   Summer Visitor's Place
02   Bargeman's Place
07   Weather Station
08   Plot Division
11   Garden Plots
12   Clothes Wagon
13   Scare-Crow House
14   Farm Barns
16   Reddleman's Place
18   Store House
19   Sower's House
20   Reaper's House
21   Old Farmer's House
25   Traveling Performers
29   School House
30   Farm Library
31   Music House
41   Farm Hall
47   Transfer Place
48   Master Builder's House
49   Druggist's Place
50   Vaults
51   Propietor's Place
52   Farm Manager's Office
53   Observer Units
54   Inspector's House
56   Solicitor's Office
58   Useless House
65   Widow's House
66   Balloonist Unit
68   Time Keeper's House




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