apposing the shells of architectural thought

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If the Clock/Collapse of Time suggests that Hejduk's work operates through the superposition of inherited temporal structures, then the Object/Subject signals his mode of thinking through the production of things as well as words. Hejduk's sketches reveal how he works with objects, shaping and combining physical elements in a way that may be likened to language; and yet, language remains inadequate to their expression. He concretizes thoughts in imagistic object/subjects whose meaning continually eludes theory. It is Hejduk's ability to use the medium of architecture for thinking that has the greatest implication for the contemporary practice of architecture. This aspect of Hejduk's work compels us to rethink how architecture can serve as a communicative art in the public domain today.

2009.02.01 10:37
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
Gordon loves it even more like that.

As does Aldo.

architectures in the space-time continuum



innuendo   1 : veiled, oblique, or covert allusion to something not directly named : HINT, INSINUATION esp : veiled or equivocal allusion reflecting upon the character, ability or other trait of the person referred to

...the solid/void issue, which leads directly to the intercourse building and its acute reenactment of outside/inside, figure/ground, penis/vagina, male/female, Mars/Rhea Silvia.

...the tiny intercourse building opens up a huge potential source regarding the planimetric symbolism of the multitudinous [other] building plans.
Is this where the divine rape of a Vestal Virgin occurred?
the long axis

The plan of the [Martian] temple self-evidently represents a penis and two testicles -- a fitting evocation of the male god of war.
...back to Daddy's balls, architecture halls.




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