apposing the shells of architectural thought

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While "absorption" already suggests a process of transformation or at least emulation, rather than "copying," Hejduk uses the term "exorcise" elsewhere in the same interview.

....I exorcised Le Corbusier in the Diamond Houses. The Diamond Houses, outside of their conceptual basis, always annoyed me... there were the Corb overtones. I didn't like that. I liked the isometric systems at work but I didn't like the fact that they reminded me of Le Corbusier. So I had to get rid of that, by working it out, by exorcising the images.. So, there it is : always being attached with an ombilical cord to all these things, in compressed time.6

For Hejduk, thinking through the shells of architectural thought in compressed or collapsed time means working through this condition of umbilical binding that is both life-giving and constraining, a condition of "no exit." It means not only internalizing and personalizing the work of others, but drawing from it formal principles and devices--in the case of Le Corbusier taking the "conceptual basis" and the "isometric systems at work"--and exorcising "image" and "overtone."

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