apposing the shells of architectural thought

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Neo-Kantian researches into underlying schemata and perceptual modalities were thus applied to the task of reforming reality to conform to invisible laws. Such laws were thought to be manifest in geometric and spatial matrices, elemental opaque volumes and techniques of formal abstraction that came to be absorbed into the work of Le Corbusier and the teachings of the Bauhaus, among other avant-garde projects of the period between the wars.

6. Transparency : Literal and Phenomenal
That we should contemplate the continuity between Hejduk's recent projects and his earlier work on Corbusian form is suggested by Hejduk's own presentation of his oeuvre in the Mask of Medusa (1985). At several points in the otherwise straightforward chronology of projects, he interrupts the developmental flow with fragments of his then current work. So it is that, following Hejduk, we find the axonometrie of the Bernstein House (1968) juxtaposed with a model of three troubadours from the Berlin Masque (1983).21

21. John Hejduk, Mask of Medusa, op. Cit., 282-283.




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