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House 1   5700c

House 2   5700c

House 3   5700c   v

Museum 2   5700v

House 4   5700c

House 5   5700c
House 6   5700c
House 7   5700c

House 8   Diamond Series   5700d   y   5701u   5707h   5708
House 9   Diamond Series   5700d

House 10 : Museum   Diamond Series   5700d   v   z   5701c   d   t   5707b   c   d   e   f   g   5708b

House 11   Wall Series Phase 1   5700e   q   5708c   d

Exhibition of the Architectural League   5700d
House 13   1/4 Series No. 1   5700e   q
House 13a   1/4 Series No. 2   5700e   q

House 12   Wall Series Phase 2   5700e   q

House 10b   5700e

House 14   1/2 Series 5700f   5701j   t   5707h   5708f
House 15   3/4 Series 5700f   5701j   t   5708g

House 16   Wall House 1   5700g   q   5708k
Ambiguity House   5708e

1968, 1970
House 17   Berstein House   5700g   5701j   5708h

House 18   Extension House   5700h

House 18a   5700h   5708hi

Dag Hammerskjold Memorial   5700d
House 19   Barbar House   Element House   5700h   5707h   5708j
House 20   Gunn House   5700h

The Plane of the Present   5700q

Wall House 2   Bye House   5700   b   q   5701   b   c   e   f   g   h   t   v   w   x   y   z   5707h   5708l

Five on Five   5701k

Fabrications   5700m   q
Good Neighbor House   5700q   5708i
Canal House   Wall House 3   5700q   5708m
The Silent Witnesses   5701q   r
The Silent Witnesses   Intro House   Extro House   5700q   5701p   s   t   5708n

a+u 75:05   John Hejduk   5700   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i
John Hejduk and the Cult of Humanism   Kenneth Frampton   5700j   k   l   m
Out of Time and into Space   John Hejduk   5700n   o   p
House for Inhabitant Who Refused to Participate   5708o

BX 1936 House   5708p
"European Graffiti." Five x Five = Twenty-five   5701l

The City of the Angels House   Day - Night House   5708q
Dilemma House   5708r
Todre House   5708s
North East South West House   5700q   r   5708t

Hejduk/Eisenman interview   5701n

Beyond the Modern Movement   5701m

House for Inhabitant Who Refused to Participate   5700r

The 13 Watchtowers of Cannaregio   5700r
30° 45° 60° 90° House   5708u

Retreat masque   5708v

1980-82   The Lancaster/Hanover Masque
The Voided Centre   5705b
Death House   5705b   5706l
Court House   5705c   5706j
Prison House   5705c   5706c   i
Retired General’s House   5705d
Observation Tower   5705d
Wind Tower   5705d
Watch Tower   5705d
Retired General’s Place   5705d
Cross-Over House   5705e   5706
Collector's House   5700v   5705e   5706f
Animal Hospital   5705e   p
Church House   5705f   g   k
Hotel   5705h   m
Retired Actor’s Place   5705h
Row Houses   5705h
Apartment House   5705h   t
Market   5705h   y
Carpenter’s Place   5705h
Mason’s Place   5705h
Fabricator’s Place   5705h
Farm Hospital   5705h   z
Farm Cemetery   5705h   z
Farm Grove   5705i
Hedge Walk   5705i
Horseshoe Place   5705i
Maypole     5705i   t
Post Office     5705i   5706f
Butterplace   5705i
Toll-taker’s Place   5705i
Trapper’s House   5705i
Accountant’s Office   5705i
Suicide’s House   5705i   5706g
Houses   5705j  l
Farm Hall   5705j  l
Rural Farm Community   5705k
Clothes Wagon   5705n
Store House   5705o
Scare-Crow House   5705o
Weather Station   5705o
Farm Library   5705p   w
Occupation Houses   5705p
Sower's Place   5705q
Reaper's House   5705r
Old Farmer's House   5705s
Traveling Performers   5705u 5706s
School House   5705v
Music House   5705x
Master Builder's House   5706b
Druggist's Place   5706c
Vaults   5706c
Propietor's Place   5706d
Farm Manager's Office   5706e
Inspector's House   5706f
Tin House   5706g
House of the Suicide   5706h   x
Widow's House   5706m
Time Keeper's Place   5706n
Solicitor's Office   5706p
Sketches   5706o   q   r   t   u   v   w

1986   Victims
site   5701o   5707l   5710   b
Clock   5710f
Horticulturist - Trees/Shrubs/Flowers   5710f
Rosewoman - Rose Arbor   5710g
Metalman - Wall of Metal Flowers   5710g
Park Attendant - Gate House   5710g
Gardener - Garden
Inhabitants - Maze   5710f
Drawbridge Man - Drawbridge   5710h
Trolley Man - Trolley   5710h
Mechanic - Box Car Parts   5710h
Children - Jungle Jim   5710i
Children - Sliding Pond   5710i
Children - Sandbox   5710i
Children - Swings   5710i
Children - Merry-Go-Round   5710i
Children - Spinner   5710i
Children - See-Saw   5710i
Children - Picnic Table   5710i
Physician - Office Tower (Genetic)   5710j
Nurse - Dispensary   5710j
Optometrist - Sight   5710j
Painter - Studio A   5710k
Musician - Studio B   5710k
Poet - Studio C   5710k
Soloist - Labyrinth   5710k
Musicians - Music Hall Units   5710k
Dancer - Dance Platform   5710k
Librarian - Book Towers/Fiction/Semi-Fiction/Non-Fiction   5710l
Typesetter - Typr House   5710l
Poem - No More   5710l
Mask Repairman - Mask Shop   5710m
Watch Repairman - Watch Shop   5710m
Paper Restorer - Work Shop   5710m
Carpenter - Wood Shop   5710m
Shoe Repairman - Shoe Shop   5710m
Clothman - Shop of Clothes   5710m
Plumber - Water House   5710m
Crochet Lady - Crochet Chair   5710n
Security - Structure   5710n   5725f
Shade Woman - Shades of Text   5710n
Researcher - Office 1   5710n
Identity Card Man - Identity Card Unit   5710n
Stampman - Stamp Place   5710o
Accountant - Office 2   5710o
Keeper of the Records - Record Hall   5710o
Giver of the Keys - Key Place   5710p
Iceman - Ice House   5710p
Fireman - Fire Place   5710p
Zoologist - Copies of Recaptured Animals   5710p
Butterfly Collector - Collector's Place   5710q
Catfish - Enclosed Catfish Pond   5710q
Peacock - Peacock's Walk   5710q
Child - Playhouse   5710q
Judge - Stairs   5710r
Room for Thought - Room A   5710r
Room of the Innocent - Room B   5710r
Room for Those Who Looked the Other Way   5710r
Passengers - Silo Passage   5710r
Toll Taker - A Bridge Removed   5710r
Toll Taker II - The Tractor   5710r
Time Keeper - Ferris Wheel Clock   5710s
The Dead - The Dead Cry   5710s
The Travellers - Bus   5710s
The Exiles - Attached Units   5710s
The Disappeared - Irreconcilable Numbers   5710t
The Application - Passport Building   5710t
sketches     u   v   w   x   y   z   5711   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p   q

1989   Vladivostok
Museum of Modern Art   5700v
Museum of the History of the Town   5700v
Museum for the Preservation of Icons   5700v
from Vladivostok   5700r




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