Re: (another) map

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2002.02.01 11:19
Re: (another) map

I am not opposed to your introduction here of the word/concept appose. Certain definitional phrases in Webster's Third International Dictionary (1969) for appose and apposition provide the solidity of your case:

apply (one thing) to another

deposition of successive layers upon those already present (as in cell walls)

When Nero reenacted the Triumphal Way, he did it with much apposition, probably even controversial apposition (but I doubt anyone opposed). He changed the traditional route, had elephants breaking down part of the city wall, you know, the basic kinds of stuff that Nero is (in)famous for.

The concept of appropriation is very much utilized by artists, and perhaps even more by art historians when they analyze a lot of contemporary art. I don't recall having previously read about the concept of apposition relative to art, and to the activity of artists, till your letters here. As far as I'm concerned, you may have introduced something original, or you may have introduced the concept by actually utilizing the concept itself via your introduction, meaning you may have apposed someone else's prior introduction of the concept of apposition relative to art. In either case, what you write has a refreshing truth to it.

appose 1 archaic : to place opposite or before : apply (one thing) to another     2 : to place in juxtaposition or proximity

apposition 2 a archaic : the application of one thing to another     b : the placing of things in juxtaposition or proximity; specif : deposition of successive layers upon those already present



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