Eutropia in the Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors

wife of Maximianus Herculius
? - after 326?

from the Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors:

Eutropia was of Syrian extraction and her marriage to Maximianus Herculius seems to have been her second. She bore him two children: Maxentius and Fausta. An older daughter, Theodora, may have been a product of her first marriage. Fausta became the wife of Constantine I, while her sister Theodora was the second spouse of his father Constantius I Chlorus . She apparently survived all her children, with the possible exception of her daughter Fausta who seems to have died in 326, and was alive in 325. She is also said to have become a Christian.

Michael DiMaio, Jr.

Seeck, O. "Eutropia (1)." RE 6: col. 1519.4ff.



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