19 January

1739 birth of Joseph Bonomi
1766 death of Jean Nicolas Servandoni

Re: virtual (muesum) dialogue
1999.01.19 10:58     3728b

infringement complex
1999.01.19     2308 3142 3704 3705e 3730c 3754d 3784d 3789

recalling virt. mus.
2000.01.19 11:05     3316j

Re: lack of life
2002.01.19 11:46     e2800f e2675 e2708 e2744 e2749 e2985 3739c 5300i

retrospective exhibitions
2002.01.19     3142c 3730e 3789c

abstract for Studium Urbis
2003.01.19 17:26     e2800b e2607 e2678 e2823 e2905 e2909 3016 3727c 3768 3792e 5010 5027 8122

Re: From Earth to The Cosmos
2004.01.19 14:24     3770i 3773e

Tschumi's renderings
2004.01.19 14:51     2165 3770i 3773e

what is the good source to study folding architecture?
2006.01.19 10:55

Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)
2007.01.19 11:20     3773g

here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
2007.01.19 15:31     3736p 3773g 3775l 4014i 4018j

museum musings
2009.01.19     3120q 3713g 3770x

CONTOURS: The Divisions that Bind Us
2012.01.19 11:47     3732b 3785e

19 January
2013.01.19 19:07     3301j

19 January
2014.01.19 14:05     3307o 3750q /ury
2014.01.19 19:25     3307p 3792h 4013o 4016q

010119a Berlin model   2120i14
010119b Lustgarten model   2334i01   b   c

050119a rems orthographics
050119b rems orthographics
050119c rems orthographics
050119d rems orthographics
050119e rems orthographics
050119f rems orthographics

2006.01.19 10:55
what is the good source to study folding architecture?
Just for general reference, there are a couple pages on "fold" in The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, and under "bend" in the same book is: See 'braids,' 'circuits,' 'coilings,' 'contortionism,' 'fold,' 'folding' and 'fold (unfold-refold).'

2007.01.19 15:31
here's another Mies-runs-through-it design by OMA
mies wrapped around a factory

What's next? Kahn wrapped around Le Corbusier?
Koolhaas is so reenactionary. I love it!

07011901 Acropolis Q axonometrics perspectives bad

09011901 Medica Minerva St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra plans

15011901 GAUA site plan 47652 (completely cleaned up)




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