17 April

1827 birth of François Baeckelmans

composite elevation drawings
1996.04.17     3133b 3748b

regarding the Altes Museum
1996.04.17     2120 3133b 3748b

regarding the Wallraf-Richartz Museum
1996.04.17     2227 3133b 3748b

test (poem?) by whomever
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A meeting of two great minds in architecture
2002.04.17     2002 3736k

Re: venturi and koolhaas
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...gossip that matters?
2005.04.17 11:07

Lebbeus Woods and Piranesi
2005.04.17 09:56     3727d 3737c
2005.04.17 11:29     3728h

...and Piranesi
2005.04.17 14:47     e2800b e2500 e2844a 3727d

...and speaking of random tangents
2007.04.17 10:52     u6647

First Office   PS1 Dolmen   New York

Steven Holl   Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU   Richmond

1999.04.17 07:44
test (poem?) by whomever
...buildings constantly move, doors can be windows, windows can be doors, stairs to Pilate are climbed annually on knees, walls may soon all talk, floors will mostly remain flat, ceilings with sprinklers are virtual skies that harbor emergency rain, roofs probably more than anything manifest architecture's shape, lights, camera, Africa, machines to create architecture with, furniture and painting as one, utilities that never fail (sic), plants, of course, grass gets high, sidewalk, siderun, sidecrawl, sidesit, sideroll-over, driveway complete with Jeep, garage sale as museum...

2002.04.17 13:00
Re: venturi and koolhaas
I think I'm going to start writing a 'weightless' digital book entitled either:
Simplicity and Contradiction in Architecture
Complexity and Straight-Forwardness outside Architecture

030417c Wacko House 001 plan development   2268i06


2005.04.17 11:07
...gossip that matters?
the real gossip, however...
Constantine is Helena's second child, although the first and only with Constantius. Yes, Maximian and Helena were together beforehand, with a daughter, Theodora, as the result. In typical fashion, Maximian wanted more, i.e., a son, so he looked for another mate, while Helena and Constantius soon got together. Fortunately, Eutropia and Theodora bonded well, and the "secret" was mostly forgotten except by the inner few adults. Twenty years later the "secret" became even more secret as Constantius married Theodora, but it did ultimately matter that all Constantius' children were closely related to Helena, which also kind of explains why Crispus "got the short end of the stick." Alas, poor Fausta, it was her learning of the secret(s) that led to her suicide.
So who was Maxentius' real father?
Eutropia now says it's Diocletian, but that laugh while she says it still makes you wonder.

2005.04.17 09:56
Lebbeus Woods and Piranesi
Piranesi's Carceri have engendered tortured perceptions of the ill-advised since their original printing. Find similarities between the Carceri and the Prima Parti di Architetture e Prospettive and you might start getting somewhere.

10041701 ICM Thermae Agrippae Thermae Hadriani Diribitorium   2110i79

17041701   First Office   PS1 Dolmen   New York

18041701 CCTV model working data   2332i01   b

18041701   Steven Holl   Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU   Richmond




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