29 April

1750 death of Ægid Asam

Campo Marzio - new discoveries
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connection between Rossi and Piranesi
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satirically reenacting the misadventures of Messalena
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Quaestio Abstrusa Background
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...the vastness of its container
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Sexual Architecture??
2005.04.29 12:21
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McMansions and the American architect
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Re: time-capsule
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paris 2054
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Hitler's Words Into Stone. Can architecture itself be fascist?
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RCR   Bois Fleuri Hotel   Bordeaux

OFFICE   SOLO House   Matarraņa

2005.04.29 12:21
Sexual Architecture??

a tiny intercourse building

2005.04.29 17:04
Sexual Architecture??

The Khajuraho Temples (circa 950-1150 AD) happened chronosomatically when the plane of the present sliced through the ovaries, hence manifesting an architecture of high fertility. Can there still be an architecture where the fertile imagination is utilized with such profundity?

060429a ICM plans   2360i02
060429b Romaphilia Philadelphia model   2360i03   b

13042901 Las Vegas Strip scan plan   221bi01
13042902 International Planning Competition for Berlin scan plan   217ii01

2013.04.29 14:26
Hitler's Words Into Stone. Can architecture itself be fascist?
Coincidently just saw this at archi/maps tumblr:

Competition design for the World's Fair in 1900, Paris

2013.04.29 15:48
Hitler's Words Into Stone. Can architecture itself be fascist?
Check out Le Corbusier's 1958 International Planning Competition for Berlin as a kind of (bombastic?) 'modern' antidote to Speer's plan. This plan had an effect on both Krier and Stirling. (Remember that Krier worked with Stirling in early 1970s).

2013.04.29 18:47
Hitler's Words Into Stone. Can architecture itself be fascist?
from "Vorwarts , Kameraden...
In a bitter discussion of the German Werkbund in Darmstadt in 1978, the Austrian architect Hans Hollein said, "Fortunately Hitler didn't have too pronounced a taste for Weinerschnitzel; otherwise they too would be forbidden in Germany today." In a similar manner Albert Speer explained to me that things would be going far better for classical architecture today if Hitler had been a fanatic for modern art.
After 1945, the Allied victors did not hesitate to take as spoils of war all the enemy's technical and industrial genius. The Riech's industrialists, technicians, and engineers were recieved with open arms in America, in France, and in Russia alike. They were able to work in the comfort of the most reputable institutions and firms in order to bring to fruition their most sinister research.

16042901 GAUA NPApraksin DTM zone site plan IQ24   2429i138
16042902 GAUA NPApraksin DTM zone site plan IQ28   2429i139
16042903 NPApraksin District DTM Zone plan IQ28   2449i05

17042901   RCR   Bois Fleuri Hotel   Bordeaux
17942902   OFFICE   SOLO House   Matarraņa

Quaestio Abstrusa Background No. 278

Quaestio Abstrusa Background No. 279




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