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1389 Nicoḷ de' Bonaventuri joined the works at the cathedral of Milan

1667 birth of Germain Boffrand

Trump vs. Libeskind
2005.05.07 10:18

dossier damnatio memoriae
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Lebbeus Wood in China
2012.05.07 17:49     3751e

Leading artists call to action against the Frick expansion plans
2015.05.07 07:25     3310v 3710n

The new $2.5 billion plan to rebuild the historic Penn Station
2015.05.07 09:35     3310v 3710n

'The Final Review: Negaters Gonna Negate'
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97050701   circle/square studies   2393i01
97050702   Chronosomatic Man plane of the present studies   2296i01   b   c
97050703   Chronosomatics male/female   2296i02
97050704   Chronosomatics temple and Altes Museum plan   2296i03
97050705   Chronosomatics St. Peter's Square oval tondo   2296i04
97050706   Chronosomatics male/female BC/AD   2296i05
97050707   Chronosomatics circle/square year calculation   2296i06
97050708   Chronosomatics yin-yang I-Ching Janus   2296i07

2005.05.07 10:18
Trump vs. Libeskind
In all fairness, let's at least admit that Libeskind's name too was very much affixed all over the first Freedom Tower design.

060507a Romaphilia Center City Philadelphia model
060507b Romaphilia Philadelphia base map

2012.05.07 17:49
Lebbeus Wood in China
Since I will never see this work in person, my experience of it will never be anything but virtual. In fact, most of the architecture I "know" I've never seen in person, thus my experience of most of the architecture I know is virtual. Since the existence of (distributed) drawings and then photographs and then CAD models and then digital images, it has been possible to experience architecture virtually.

13050701 Wall House 2 plans, elevations axonometrics perspectives etc.
13050702 Wall House 2 model in register with 13050701.db




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