10 May

1731 birth of Louis Nicolas Victor Louis
1739 death of Cosmas Damian Asam

St. Peter's Basilica/Templum Martis
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Re: ducked around ?
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"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
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your favorite quote
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what are you into?
2007.05.10 14:39
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What are you reading?
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Robert Venturi, Prince Charles & that false Corinthian column
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Charlotte Ferreux   Nidificação   São Paulo

2004.05.10 15:17
Re: ducked around ?
"Imaginative history" is a kind of virtual reality, is it not?
As much as I see the virtual domain as something other, there nonetheless remains the wide held notion that the distinction between the real and the virtual is increasingly blurred in our times.
Reenactment is a kind of "imaginative history", is it not?

2007.05.10 11:16
your favorite quote
"We are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless."
-Stephen Lauf

2007.05.10 11:39
your favorite quote
"History has a way of interpolating itself."
-Stephen Lauf 2007.05.10

2007.05.10 14:39
what are you into?

The Advertising of Art 026

2007.05.10 17:52
what are you into?
If you don't know Anonymous Saint in Bikini While Jesus is Walking on Water, then let me suggest Landscape with St. Philip Baptising the Eunuch.

I love art that holds its own.

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17051001   Charlotte Ferreux   Nidificação   São Paulo

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