23 May

1743 death of Thomas Archer
1795 birth of Sir Charles Barry

hotrod architecture
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nice urban housing in philadelphia
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Ridgeway House
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Villa Savoye at the Dominican Motherhouse
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the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification
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What are the cultural ingredients of architecture today?
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17 May
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Construction of Steven Holl-designed Queens Library is underway
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Police Shut Down Mosque Installation at Venice Biennale
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Mesh Surface City Blocks Apraksinized
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2012.05.23 09:58
the ethics of parametricism/emergent architectural thought and reification

And adding the 'unexpected' thinking, imagine the image above as the 2-dimensional 'grid' plan of a city. It's like actually stepping out of the mimicry.
What I mean here by "actually stepping out of the mimicry" is that even the image above is a form of mimicry in that it really isn't a bunch of 3-dimensional curved surfaces in space, rather a coherent group of lines that when perceived cause our brain to imagine a bunch of 3-dimensional curved surfaces in space. To see these lines as a grid plan of a city, however, you really have to adjust your imagination. And I'll say that it is within that act of "adjusting the imagination" where the crux of design happens.
I also asked, "Does it still just boil down to a sophisticated play of/with geometry?" I'd say that for the most part yes, in that the base is (many) points in space. Algorithms are used to define the surfaces between the (many) points in space. Super-fast computation puts all this sophisticated geometry in flux (and potential manufacture). Script writing, or lets say the process, is here a continual "adjusting of the imagination"--literally continually adjusting the image--and that is why is it now easy to believe that process is indeed also design.
I now wonder if the process/design of parametrics is better described as 'artificial design' because it still lacks the ability to imagine itself differently than how it is programmed to imagine itself.

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01052303 mesh surface cubed distorted models   231ai13   b

2005.05.23 14:27
hotrod architecture
Anyone familiar with Venturi and Rauch's Renovation of St. Francis de Sales, Philadelphia 1968 (which is best illustrated in the original Learning From Las Vegas) will have to agree that it was a bone-fide "hot rod" design. Sadly, the design is no longer in place (but at least the white plastic lectern still exists, albeit in storage). The single tube of white neon that hovered over the church sanctuary apparently didn't last long at all. Like the ecumenical changes of Vatican II, the Renovation of St. Francis de Sales was indeed an "extreme makeover."

2005.05.23 15:41
nice urban housing in philadelphia
Perhaps Philadelphia's vast housing stock has always been quotidian bricolage.
bricolage: something made or put together using whatever materials happen to be available
quotidian: everyday; commonplace

06052301 Dominican Villa Savoye model
06052302 Dominican Villa Savoye plans
06052303 Dominican Villa Savoye perspectives

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2013.05.23 09:59
What are the cultural ingredients of architecture today?
Is FACTUM arte a possible proto-type of future architectural business? Like the architect could spec Duchamp Fountains for all the men's rooms to add some culture to the act of purgation.
Is the real value then in the 3D data file that tells the 3D printer what to do?
(Although I very much doubt I'll personally get to see it, nevertheless) Could someone that inherits all of Quondam's 2D and 3D file data someday in the future decide to 3D print it all out and thus make an actual Museum of Architecture?!?
note to self: rewrite my will to make sure I bequeath all of Quondam's data to an entity that has the money and operation to actually turn Quondam into a reality. I'm sure Disney could do it, but it would be funny to leave it all to China. Why am I leaning toward Dubai?
Next time someone asks me what I do, I'll tell them I'm very busy becoming posthumously famous.

2014.05.23 13:28
17 May
When I started to redraw the Ichnographia (via CAD in 1987) I had no knowledge of the 'philosophy of history' notion of reenactment. Soon after learning about the 'philosophy of history' notion of reenactment (in 1997), I realized that my redrawing of the Ichnographia was a form of reenactment. It was exactly like learning about the workings of reenactment while unwitting performing a reenactment, where, thus, second-hand knowledge (of reenactment) quickly became first-hand knowledge (of reenactment).



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