27 May

1462 Guillaume Pontifs succeeded Geoffroy Richier as maître d'œuvre of the cathedral of Rouen

1564 Bullant's second work, Reigle généralle d'Architecture, is published

1846 death of Antoine Laurent Thomas Vaudoyer

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Re: interview 2.1ab
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QA002: the PSA of CRI
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real/virtual existence
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Archinect's Robots
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Louis Kahn Car Park? Need help identifying
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New photos of E. Fay Jones' Thorncrown Chapel unveiled to mark 35th anniversary
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They're promising us jetpacks again (and deeper basements)
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“Technology is a cruel tool" -Peter Eisenman
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2002.05.27 18:52
real/virtual existence
On this month's (May 2002) cover of the magazine Artforum is a picture of the Altar of Zeus from Pergamon as it is presently in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Not only is this architecture that has moved, but the (now over a century old) installation is a true example of the composite of the real and the virtual. A whole new virtual Temple has been reconstructed utilizing fragment remains of the original--a part real, part virtual building in a sense, or is it now a part Greek, part German building? For sure it is a mostly virtual building within a real building. It is also a part real, part reenactment building within a real building.

2005.05.27 09:35
Archinect's Robots
I never knew that the original(?) Fulda Abbey Church was such a close reenactment of the original St. Peter's. And now I'm wondering how much the Cathedral at Speyer reenacts the original "Constantinian" double basilica at Trier. [Treves, today's Trier, was Constantine's imperial capital of choice before Constantinople.] Could it be that Romanesque might just really be "Trieresque"?

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12052701 Municipal Administration Building, sections (scan)

14052701 Ichnographia Ink Blot plan 22002 in situ
14052702 Headquarters of D.A.T.A. plan 22002 context
14052703 Villa Plus Ultra plan 22002 context
14052704 Courthouse Plus Ultra plan 22002 context
14052705 Villa Savoye Shadowed plan 22002 context
14052706 Savoye Shadows Annexation plan 22002 context
14052707 Villa + 15 plan 22002 context
14052708 Mesh Surface City Blocks plan 22002 in situ




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