29 May

1355 Francesco Talenti commissioned to make a model for S. Maria del Fiore
1388 Jean de Bayeux succeeded Jean des Perriers as maître maçonnerie of the city of Rouen

1698 birth of Edmé Bouchardon

1806 birth of Karl Bötticher

Body, Imagination, and Architecture
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Re: Lebbeus Woods 2
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Can you say canonical?
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29 May
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dossier: continuum
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DTM Blocks Apraksinized
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“Technology is a cruel tool" -Peter Eisenman
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"This is where...
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Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.05.29).

Body, Imagination, and Architecture
Earlier today, I was thinking how Western architecture came to the forefront of world architecture at the Renaissance/navel. Assimilation and purge then began to work in tandem, although seemingly separately. The (early) Modern Movement represents the crest of the purge (assimilation in the extreme) and now that the crest is past, we are in the midst of a metabolizing of the modern movement in architecture. I was thinking how many of the buildings in Quondam's collection are seminal pieces of the modern movement's metabolic phase, as well as some seminal pieces of the osmotic phase.

98052901 ICM B.F. Parkway plans superimposed   2093i02

2001.05.29 08:41
Re: Lebbeus Woods 2
I'll now forever remember July 3rd 2000. The cold water hose running to my washing machine burst, and when I finally came to the basement there was a half inch of water almost everywhere. The next four hours were spent laying a dozen bath towels all over the floor to soak up the water. My hands were raw for several days afterwards from wringing out all those towels many times repeatedly. About a month later I learned that John Hejduk died on July 3rd 2000. I love the entirely chance associations that memory so often makes.

12052901 Bristol Township Offices plans (scan)
12052902 Trenton Jewish Community Center Bathhouse elevation (scan)
12052903 Adler House plan (scan)
12052904 De Vore House plan elevation (scan)
12052905 Mikveh Israel Synagogue plan (scan)

13052901 Clay Workers Co-op diagram circle data
13052902 Clay Workers Co-op plans model

14052901 New Not There City World Trade Center plan 22002 in situ
14052902 [virtual] Museum Museum plan 22002 context




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