31 May

1551 death of Bastiano da San Gallo
1594 death of Tintoretto

1935 birth of Frei Otto

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High, Low, or No Rise?
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31 May

An Amateur
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Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
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Hitler's Classical Architect
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31 May
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more daring @ Quondam
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31 May
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31 May
On the way back to Philadelphia we always drive through some of Cape May and Wildwood. In Cape May this building...

...is presently being converted into "unique condominiums," and in Wildwood this building...

...no longer exists.

2009.05.31 21:44
Developing a thesis (and metathesis?) - brainstorming help!
...it sounds like you're well on your way to designing a specific Siamese-twin museum: a museum of retroactive architecture cojoined with a museum of propassive architecture. If two buildings are not allowed, then design the operation that will split the two.

13053101 Dresdner Bank elevation scans plans
13053102 Dresdner Bank Legacy plans

2013.05.31 13:44
Hitler's Classical Architect
I'm sticking with the notion of an extreme lack of delight concomitant with an (over) extreme firmness. The result is extremely elegant stiffness, rigidity, obduracy, and this overwhelming pertinacity verges toward acerbity. Notions of flexibility, playfulness, ambiguity are all absent.
Given that Speer designed for a government whose foremost objective was total conquest (at any cost), the architecture wouldn't be appropriate if it wasn't ominous.
There is a sour irony, however, in that flexibility and almost playfulness is evident within the plan of the Neue Reichskanslei, specifically the exalting promenade leading a visiting diplomat to Hitler's study/office/reception hall.




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