27 June

1458 discovery of tombs (not Maria's) in the chapel of St. Petronella
1490 Bramante made a report on the competition for the central tower of the cathedral of Milan

1777 birth of François Debret

1884 death of Maurice Augustin Gabriel Ouradou

ottopia - how to begin
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Re: WTC parking manifesto!
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27 June
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architecture's self-reflective dialectic outline
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27 June
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comparative plans by architect
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1999.06.27 19:23
Today, I remembered that the inside-outside coexistence in some architectures also falls under what I consider osmotic architecture--the equal exchange of inside and outside, e.g., the Pantheon, Kahn's Kimbell Art Museum, porch/stair hall of Schinkel's Altes Museum. In light of this, I think the inside/outside distinction of limbo architecture needs some further consideration. I like limbo architecture's notion of becoming, and I also think the notions of restraint and neglect should be added to the definition. Since I see osmotic architecture as the manifestation of something sacred, perhaps limbo architecture is the profane counterpart of osmotic architecture, or maybe (even better) limbo architecture exists within the thin realm between profane and sacred. Osmotic architecture is 'uplifting' whereas limbo architecture is striving?

07062701 IQ plans collection

13062701 New Not There City composite plan

14062701 Ury Farm Northeast Philadelphia New Not There City landmarks deer sightings IQ Philadelphia plan




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