13 July

1319 Lorenzo Maitani called to Perugia

1607 birth of Wenceslas Hollar

1811 birth of Sir George Gilbert Scott
1813 birth of Theophilus Hansen

Further Deepening the "Natural Imagination"
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Hindu temples: fertilized architecture
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architectural otherness
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the pleasure of (being lost in translation) architecture
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Re: a tale of two realities
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Re: Julien Prévieux
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plan free
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Sarcastic Architecture
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Quakers take green building to the Capitol
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work at Quondam
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The Architect as Totalitarian
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Pokemon Go
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Noah's Ark replica opens in Kentucky biblical theme park to “compete with the Disneys and the Universals”
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SOM releases renders of Philadelphia transit master plan
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Non-Built Work in Architecture
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Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.07.13).

Hindu temples: fertilized architecture
I am now convinced that the Hindu temple is the prima example of fertilized architecture because it is used ritualistically as a penetration of the womb, and the form of the sanctuary itself combines both the male and female sexual organs--it is the womb on the inside and the phallus on the outside.

1999.07.13 22:52
the pleasure of (being lost in translation) architecture
My favorite: The configuration enters another one is connected with the both.

2003.07.13 15:39
Re: a tale of two realities
Earlier today I re-watched Koolhaas on Charlie Rose to capture Koolhaas noticeably smiling when the subject of Prada came up. Having now taken a closer look it is hard to say whether Koolhaas is smiling (or at least as close to a smile that Koolhaas can get to) because of Prada or because he just got to say on TV that "If you extrapolate [the] current situation and current trends and the way architecture is evolving, it's maybe slightly too strong to say that ultimately everything will be embedded in a casino."

2004.07.13 17:39
plan free
...Gordon's also pinned down the content of his "moldy paper on mildew". He's putting together an analysis of the architecture Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi were designing in the years just before he (Gordon) was in architecture school.

2007.07.13 08:40
Sarcastic Architecture
Found what may be the most sarcastic (but also the most critical) passage within the "ugly and ordinary" texts of Learning from Las Vegas:
"The Boston City Hall and its urban complex are the archetype of enlightened urban renewal. The profusion of symbolic forms, which recall the extravagances of the General Grant period, and the revival of the medieval piazza and its palazzo pubblico are in the end a bore. It is too architectural. A conventional loft would accomodate a bureaucracy better, perhaps with a blinking sign on top saying I AM A MONUMENT."

2007.07.13 11:02
Quakers take green building to the Capitol
Interestingly, the first room designed to house the U.S. House of Representatives, in Congress Hall (1787-1793), Philadelphia, is very similar in design to the Friends Meetinghouse (1803-11) on Arch Street, Philadelphia. I remain curious as to whether both designs follow an older Quaker Meeting precedent.

14071301 Villa Savoye model at Ury House and Farm
14071302 Villa Savoye site plan plan model 22002 context




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