22 July

1366 Francesco Talenti again working at S. Maria del Fiore

1590 death of Leone Leoni

1783 birth of Paul Abadie, the Elder

1806 birth of Ludwig Ross

the architecture of being [fog]
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Re: impossible plagiarism re Campo Marzio
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Re: Virtual Synagogue in Berlin's Fasanenstrasse
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Durand and Sullivan
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"This market is a game changer"
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National Art Museum of China Entry by Gehry Partners
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The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
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Cubist ICM
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National Art Museum of China Entry by Gehry Partners
2013.07.22 15:59

touchstone 2 : a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing

I fail to see how Schinkel's Altes Museum determines the quality or genuineness of Gehry Partner's National Art Museum of China. For a more realistic test of the genuineness of the museum's exterior, look at OMA's Beijing Book Building, 2003.

We see the application of "Gehry wavyiness" and an inversion of the individual apurtures into the frames themselves. From what is discernable here of the museum's interior plans, however, there is no real relationship to the Altes Museum nor to the Beijing Books Building.

99072201 Wacko House 002 plans model perspectives   2285i01
99072202 Wacko House 001 model   2268i01
99072203 Wacko House 001 plans   2268i02

00072201 Working title Museum 001 model   2323i01   b   c
00072202 Working title Museum 001 perspectives   2323i02   b   c   d   e

7. Make note of the similarity between Kahn's Philadelphia Municipal Building and Koolhaas/OMA's Seattle Library.

2004.07.22 16:26
Re: Virtual Synagogue in Berlin's Fasanenstrasse
very coincidental....
Just within the last half hour I upload pages which depict an analytical rendition of Kahn's Mikveh Israel Synagogue (Philadelphia, 1961-70, unexecuted) where the cylinders of light are replace with reduced versions of Venturi & Rauch's Tower for Princeton Memorial Park (New Jersey, 1966, unexecuted).
G. sees the PMP Tower design as Venturi & Rauch's consummate homage to Kahn, specifically to the Mikveh Israel Synagogue.
While G. studied architecture at Cornell (BA 1968), he well remembers Perspecta 9/10 where Mikveh Israel is featured, as well as the then forthcoming excerpt from Complexity and Contradiction--"Is it a building split in two or two buildings coming together."
And who could forget the "Avant-Garde Anachronist" article on Louis Kahn in Time June 1966--"Carving in Light" indeed.
And remember how everyone was eating up the Progressive Architecture Award Citations January 1967.

2006.07.22 10:33
Durand and Sullivan
Although as a rule very sober in his writing, [Durand] loses his temper when he thinks of the never-ending worship of classical features:
Ces orders ne forment point l'essence de l'architecture; le plaisir que l'on attend de leur emploi et de la décoration qui en résulte est nul; cette décoration, elle-même, une chimère; et la dépense dans laquelle elle entraîne, une folie.
The application of the classical orders seems to him just a bad habit, understandable, but regrettable.
--Emil Kaufmann, Architecture in the Age of Reason: Baroque and Post-Baroque in England, Italy, and France, p. 210.
These rigid "orders" seemed to say, "The book is closed; Art shall die."
--Louis H. Sullivan, The Autobiography of an Idea, p. 187.

06072201 Calder Museum plan
06072202 Calder Museum model

07072201 Domestic Museum Ur-Ottopia House model
07072202 Domestic Museum Maison l'Homme model
07072203 Domestic Museum Dominican Convent model

2009.07.22 17:40
"This market is a game changer"
What I'm more asserting is that lucrative goals are more objective and "the greater good" is more subjective (if not altogether ephemeral).
What's the object of the new (architecture) game?
What's the subject of the new (architecture) game?

09072201 ICM Domus Plebeja at Vicus Aemilianus scan plans
09072202 ICM sections 15-18/B-D scan plans

11072201 Pruitt-Igoe Housing site plan scan

13072201 Casa Unbekannt surfaces perspectives axonometrics




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