27 July

1574 death of Giorgio Vasari

1672 birth of Gilles Marie Oppenort

1762 death of Edmé Bouchardon

Constantine's Jubilee
1999.07.27     82/0336

Wildwood Daze Revisited
2006.07.27 11:31

I smell a Vorläufer
2008.07.27 11:43     3744c

making plans
2008.07.27 15:48     3770u

Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
2015.07.27 19:07     3311n

museum collecting in IQ
2015.07.27     3778e

2015.07.27     3778e

slow at CAD
2016.07.27 12:15     3314k

"Living together is only possible if there is always the possibility to be alone." – Dogma studio's hard-line look at architectural solitude
2016.07.27 12:53     3314k

Sontag on Manhood
2018.07.27     3200

00072701 rotated extrusion mesh surface perspectives

2006.07.27 11:31
Wildwood Daze Revisited

The Captain's Table points to the Atlantic Ocean and the Starlux Hotel points to the Captain's Table.

2008.07.27 11:43
I smell a Vorläufer
"What do you mean, Shock of the not?!?"
"You know, that energizing sensation when you ultimately realize that you're ultimately realizing there's this lack in your realizations. For example, any of the negative volumes of Architecture Not Now."
"You mean "the series of something like scraps" meets Learning from Lacunae?"
"Only for a start, but not now."
"It's good you changed 'frightening' to 'energizing'."
"Yes, 'frightening' is so inadequate."

09072701 ICM Janiculum scan plans

13072701 Ury Farm Dominican Motherhouse Acadia National Park Headquarters Building site contour plans
13072702 Acadia National Park Headquarters Building site contour plan




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