30 July

1529 will of Guillaume de Marcillat

1761 death of Francisco Vergara (II)

dom-ino and other paradigm buildings
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BIA outline
1997.07.30     3716b 3784c 4412 4413

Piranesi's imagination
1997.07.30     3716b 3784c

Ottopia - continued development
1999.07.30     3777

Some[what] Incompletely Louis I. Kahn
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A Sketch of London
2006.07.30 12:27     3749l 3773g

The Odds of Atlantic City

Necessary architecture books
2007.07.30 19:16     3773g 3794c 3899g
2007.07.30 22:20     3794c 3899g

Next Architect of the Capitol NOT an Architect?!
2007.07.30 20:57     5140c

Rant Magazine... "Artist"/Designer? submittals
2009.07.30 08:06     3770z 3773i 3794d

Is there a good reason for using curves?
2012.07.30 12:22     3749v 3773k

Learning from Learning from Las Vegas (again)
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30 July
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Art college professor suggests makeover for brutalist Boston City Hall
2015.07.30 08:43     3311n
2015.07.30 11:02     3311n
2015.07.30 13:11     3311n
2015.07.30 17:06     3312
2015.07.30 17:48     3312

26 July
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The Odds of Atlantic City 001

The Odds of Atlantic City 003

2006.07.30 12:27
A Sketch of London
Just keep in mind, the older you get, the more future you've actually seen.

2007.07.30 19:16
Necessary architecture books
worth holding your breath for....
Towards a Squeezed-Out Architecture
Heavy Volume Everywhere
The Architect Came Twice
(in foreign tongue)
One Size Fits All

2007.07.30 22:20
Necessary architecture books
a must for all clients:
Does Your Architect Wear Boxers or Blobs?

2009.07.30 08:06
Rant Magazine... "Artist"/Designer? submittals
Exponential Potential Architecture
1. Architecture plus Weaponization
2. Architecture minus Weaponization
3. Architecture times Weaponization
4. Architecture divided by Weaponization
5. Architecture greater than Weaponization
6. Architecture less than Weaponization
7. Architecture to the power of Weaponization
8. the Weaponization root of Architecture

11073001 Stockholm Public Library elevation

12073001 Acadia National Park Headquarters Building model

2012.07.30 12:22
Is there a good reason for using curves?
A few questions:
How exactly are we so sure that curves mimic nature's process?
What exactly is the good reason for architectural design to mimic nature's (so-called) process via the use of curves?
What exactly makes an architectural design that mimics nature's (so-called) process via the use of curves ethical?
Does the use of curves in architectural design somehow reduce or prevent (all) architecture's (inevitable) entropy?
Or will we find out that the use of curves in architectural design will speed-up said architecture's entropy?

2013.07.30 14:15
30 July
Finished reading Log 28 this morning--been reading it since last Thursday. Also been thinking of starting a thread about it--Stocktaking 2013. In any case, there are many passages worth remembering and even discussing. For example (and off the top of my head), Kipnis saying very similar things vis--vis (a comparing of) Gehry and Schinkel; PVA lamenting 'destruction' via tweets, Lynn now working in 'isolation', Diller meeting a non-architect that took Venturi's history class and said it was the best course he ever took; AZP's personal CAD history; what Whiting described as 'evil'; etc. There's also the almost invisible veil of fear that postmodernism may not be dead.




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