25 August

1615 Elias Holl begins the Rathhaus of Augsburg, Germany

1795 Antoine Laurent Thomas Vaudoyer became voluntary secretary of the Commission d'Architecture

Campo Marzio - book outline redux
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What does it mean to be a virtual museum of architecture?
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AMO asks for your response
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The Fountainhead: relavant?
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herzog & de meuron website
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25 August
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23 August
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Hole, no: Archinect's comparison of exterior facades
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Cuteness and the fight for architectural preservation
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The Fountainhead: relevant?
The four architects had decided to achieve an effect of harmony and therefore not to use any historical style in its pure form. Peter Keating designed the white marble semi-Doric portico that rose over the main entrance, and the Venetian balconies for which new doors were cut. John Erik Snyte designed the small semi-Gothic spite surmounted by a cross, and the bandcourses of stylized acanthus leaves which were cut into the limestone of the walls. Gordon L. Prescott designed the semi-renaissance cornice, and the glass-enclosed terrace projecting from the third floor. Gus Webb designed a cubistic ornament to frame the original windows, and the modern neon sign up on the roof, which read: "The Hopton Stoddard Home for Subnormal Children."
"Comes the revolution," said Gus Webb, looking at the completed structure, "and every kid in the country will have a home like that!"
The original shape of the building remained discernable. It was not like a corpse whose fragments had been mercifully scattered; it was like a corpse hacked to pieces and reassembled.
--Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead (1943), pp. 385-6.

09082501 ICM Servian Wall Capitolium Vetus Domus Martialis Balnea Stephani Lupanare

13082501 Campo Rovine plans

14082501 Acropolis Q at Ury Farm plan
14082502 Eclectic Houses at Acropolis Q plan elevations
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