29 August

1532 death of Martin Chambiges

1697 birth of Henry Flitcroft

1780 death of Jacques Germain Soufflot
1780 birth of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

1810 birth of Jules Gailhabaud

empire of light
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Re: FW: Evolutionary theory and architecture
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Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
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Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
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fashion tip (of the iceberg)
2009.08.29 23:35

Learning from Learning from Las Vegas (again)
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You never forget your first love: An ode to John Portman
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1999.08.29 12:28
empire of light
There is an inter-relationship between magnitude and scale in that scale is used to measure/gauge magnitudes. The most interesting aspect of scale is that it automatically implies at least two entities, namely, the entity being measured and the entity being measured with.

2008.08.29 08:04
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Context used to be more real and is now more virtual. Transparency used to be more virtual and is now more real.
I find that virtual criticism and virtual history are forward looking and trailblazing.

2008.08.29 16:16
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Keeping the criticism and the history in play keeps them virtual.

2008.08.29 16:29
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Also, Hejduk's oeuvre manifests an example of virtual criticism and virtual history.

2009.08.29 23:35
fashion tip (of the iceberg)
I was wondering, what's the most expensive building on the planet right now?

13082901 Courthouse Plus Ultra in Campo Rovine plans
13082902 Villa Plus Ultra in Campo Rovine plans
13082903 Villa Appositional in Campo Rovine plans
13082904 [virtual] Museum Museum site plan Ottopia New Not There City
13082905 [virtual] Museum Museum model development perspectives




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