31 August

1450 Jean Poncet was contracted to build the tomb of King René, at Angers (France)

1780 birth of François Narcisse Pagot
1799 death of Nicolas Henri Jardin

1839 death of William Wilkens

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memorial service
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Re: piano, koolhaas, serra
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Finding the New Testament Buried in Snow
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Re: Evolutionary theory and architecture
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Can you say canonical?
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a whole bunch of...
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The Objectification of the Deterritorialized Whole[nesses]
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book titles and concepts
20. The Nimiety of Architecture: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice

00083101 Wallraf-Richartz Museum model site plan   2227i21

2003.08.31 13:28
Re: Evolutionary theory and architecture
Going back to Alex's initial statement, "In my continuing research into the history of architecture I am continually surprised by the lack of an adequate theory of change to explain the shift from style to style. At the same time I have become increasingly aware of the power of evolutionary theory to explain the concept and mechanisms of change," I am curious which shifts from style to style are being referring to. Are they the shifts from Greek to Roman to Early Christian to Romanesque to Gothic to Renaissance to Mannerist to Baroque to Rococo to Neo-Classicism to Eclecticism to Modernism to Post Modernism to today's architecture? Furthermore, what exactly substantiates the claim that an "adequate theory of change" is lacking from the explanation of shifts from style to style?

12083101 Mikveh Israel Synagogue exterior model (orthagonal)
12083102 Mikveh Israel Synagogue exterior model (IQ register)

13083101 Museum of Knowledge model in register with [virtual] Museum Museum model development

15083101   Netherlans Embassy plans section   2338i01




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