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1666 the Great Fire of London

1834 death of Thomas Telford
1871 death of Sir Thomas Deane
1895 death of Karl Kayser

Tafuri text
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A Museum of Someone's Shopping
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Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
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a whole bunch of...
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NIMBYs go to court over "modern" home; Zaha gets an apology; global warming rages on: News Round-Up for August 25, 2014
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Why Modern Architecture Struggles to Inspire Catholics
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ichnographia non-virtual non-context

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Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Palais des Abuse Ridiculous
Cut & Paste Museum
ichnographia non-virtual non-context
3 black holes in the Michelin Misguide
atemporarily under deconstruction
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you say: theory is only a textually generated infill (because the domineering cultures of this planet are text-based) in the gap between shelter and architecture.
I say: kaleidoscopic lacunae

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a whole bunch of...
...you slip a bit in your opening statements (regarding the Ka'ba). You are presuming to know what my understanding of "electro-magnetic architecture" is, thus your comment more only stems from your understanding (--or at least tell us what you see my understanding of "electro-magnetic architecture" to be). It is not the Ka'ba itself that I see presenting a "conceptual wholeness," rather it is the perennial event of which the Ka'ba is the center that presents a conceptual wholeness (of Islam).
The Villa Savoye presents an extreme case of assimilating wholeness because the elements of architecture have been so absorbed to the point of 'ethnic cleansing', thus, if not exactly manifesting a 'racially pure' architecture, at least a highly homogenized architecture.
I'm still trying to come to grips with "omni-frequency" myself. The gist of the notion, however, emanates from the concentrated confluence of all the senses to the point of an enveloping cognition.
In "The Obligation Toward the Difficult Whole" Venturi speaks to the ease of designing a whole (building) via exclusion versus the difficulty of designing a whole (building) via inclusion. I find it interesting that Giurgola, at the same time (and place), wrote about taking the "partial view" toward design(ing). I hope to investigate this coincidence more closely...
To say "that all the wholenesses [I] refer[red] to are "tropic wholenesses"" is to prematurely reterritorialize the "systems". I am not using 'fertile', 'assimilating', 'metabolic', etc. as "figures of speech in which the words are used in a sense different from their literal meaning" (i.e., trope). What I have done is deterritorialize (although still keep whole) the literal meanings of the words (from [describing] operational systems of the body to [describing] operational systems of the imagination).

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NIMBYs go to court over "modern" home; Zaha gets an apology; global warming rages on: News Round-Up for August 25, 2014
I think it's best to make one's own news, so I starting to build this in my backyard:

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Why Modern Architecture Struggles to Inspire Catholics
EKE says, "... the author focuses very clearly on the difficulty of reconciling modernist abstraction with rich symbolic content. This is the reason why so many modernist sacred places and memorials/monuments are unsuccessful." If "so many modernist sacred places and memorials/monuments are unsuccessful," then it should be easy to quickly name a dozen such un-successes. Please (quickly) provide a dozen unsuccessful sacred places and memorials/monuments. And please, if you could, at the same time, explain what exactly constitutes a 'success'.

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14090202 NeuHaus 10 der Künste plans

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