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1667 death of Alonzo Cano

1778 birth of Jean-Jacques Champollion
1794 birth of Jean Baptiste Ciceron Lesueur

highs and lows of signature architecture
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who's on first?
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Hebron (almost 1700 years ago)
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Re: architectural photography
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Cliveden     1767

Re: the McMansion Effect ((space))
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critical regionalism
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Mixing Design Elements of Different Style Homes-Your Opinion
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Sticks and Stones and all that Matter
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Sticks and Stones and all that Matter
Hopefully, I will soon conduct an experiment where the level 3 floor and ceiling planes of Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg are turned from flat to undulating. I'm fairly certain the resultant model will look virtually identical to OMA's Agadir's Hotel and Convention Center.

1999.10.05 13:12
who's on first?
The following exerpt comes from Johan Huizinga's Homo Ludens - a study of the play element in culture:
"The player who transpasses against the rules or ignores them is a "spoil-sport". The spoil-sport is not the same as the false player, the cheat; for the latter pretends to be playing the game and, on the face of it, still acknowledges the magic circle. It is curious to note how much more lenient society is to the cheat than to the spoil-sport. This is because the spoil-sport shatters the play-world itself. By withdrawing from the game he reveals the relativity and fragility of the play-world in which he had temporarily shut himself with others. He robs play of its illusion -- a pregnant word which means literally "in-play" (from inlusio, illudere or inludere). Therefore he must be cast out, for he threatens the existence of the play-community. . . . In the world of high seriousness, too, the cheat and the hypocrite have always had an easier time of it than the spoil-sport, here called apostates, heretics, innovators, prophets, conscientious objectors, etc. It sometimes happens, however, that the spoil-sports in their turn make a new community with rules of its own. The outlaw, the revolutionary, the cabbalist or member of a secret society, indeed heretics of all kinds are of a highly associative if not sociable disposition, and a certain element of play is prominent in all their doings."

2003.10.05 14:47
Re: the McMansion Effect ((space))
..and then there's all the stuff that is now created and stored digitally, which sometimes gets put in digital museums.
Are the large homes and all their contents of today something like subliminal evocations of museums? "A man's home is his castle." And just look at how many actual castles and palaces are now actual museums.
"I want a McMuseum, hypersized."
Take a moment or two to count the 'collections' presently in your home.

2004.10.05 14:54
critical regionalism
In September 2001, while seeing a display of quartz crystals (each labeled as to its geographic origin) compiled over 100 years ago, I thought it would be cool if the buildings of any global location started to match the formations of the local quartz. It was after seeing Harz Mountain quartz that the idea crystallized.

Above, level 3 of the Palais des Congrès with flat floor and ceiling as designed by Le Corbusier, 1964.
Below, OMA's sketch of the socle of the Agadir Hotel and Convention Center, 1990.

OMA: "Our project can be read as a single building "split" in two parts, a roof and a socle. to create a major urban "room"--a covered plaza on the beach--facing the sea. Floating above the veranda; the hotel: a single layer of rooms--each its own patio house. ... The conference center forms the lower part, the socle. It was our challenge in this competition to find an original architectural expression for this enormous program which is compatible with the beauty of the site. The curvilinear landscape of the dunes continues as the "hills" and "valleys" of the socle..."

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