15 October

1761 birth of Niels Dam
1764 Gibbon conceives the idea of writing the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
1782 birth of James Elmes

1802 birth of Louis Joseph Duc
1883 inauguration of Joseph Poerlaert's Palais de Justice in Brussels

architectural otherness
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New Hope

Differentiation between the outside and the inside.
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Can Someone Explain the Meaning of Projective Practice?
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Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
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domestic plans
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If the Moon were replaced with some of our planets
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Differentiation between the outside and the inside.
The Great Pyramid maintains a strict differentiation between outside and inside--life and light outside, darkness and death inside.
"The absolute rule of architecture is that the inside has to be different than the outside." 1983
Yet really great architecture manages to keep the rule and break the rule simultaneously.
The Pantheon at Rome brings the whole cosmology inside.
The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles reflects the whole garden inside.
The Kimbell Art Museum brings the outside light inside.
Osmotic Architecture.

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Can Someone Explain the Meaning of Projective Practice?
"To understand what exactly is meant by these terms hermeneutic and material practice it is perhaps more interesting if we compare them with a third term 'projective practice' which aims at a very similar redefinition of practice and places these 'redefinitions' in the context of the current debate described earlier. The term 'projective' is put forward in the article 'Notes around the Doppler Effect and other Moods of Modernism' by Robert Somol and Sarah Whiting. When Somol & Whiting introduce the term 'projective'. They also address the problem of the theory-practice distinction but in a far more indirect way, in their argument these are still very much intertwined. The article starts off with the heading "from critical to projective". This needs some further explanation. . ."
Edwin Gardner, 2010.10.12
Lots of similar articles all over the web.
I remember enjoying Aureli and Orazi's "The Solitude of the Project" and maybe this time I'll again finish Tafuri's "The Historical 'Project'".
As to definitions, this is my favorite:
projective 1 b : not metrical : not involving size and measurment but only relative position, incidences, and coincidences
especially the coincidences.
Like I've already said, all the world's a next stage.

2010.10.15 15:57
Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
Start talking about the art [architecture] involved and see what happens
Or is this just a projective coincidence?

13101501 Great Pyramid Pantheon Palace of Versailles Kimbell Art Museum plans

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domestic plans at Pruitt-Igoe, New Not There City




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