18 October

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.10.18)

metabolic driven imagination
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Re: building text
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other art and architecture highlights
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architectural otherness
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Peter Zumthor didn't like his own "conventional renderings" for LACMA (and will release new images)
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"The Botticelli" detail of (the so-called) Birth of Venus in a Dream III, hanging over the computer that is word processing this caption.

2001.10.18 13:13
Re: building text
You know, if I were a blind person, encountering a building covered with braille might be something that takes my appreciation of both history and architecture to a new level, because then I might have a pretty good idea of how ancient Egyptians felt when they 'sensed' their buildings.

2002.10.18 12:25
Re: art and architecture 30 years ago
There are several other art and architecture highlights from Life 1972 yet to be included, such as a review of Venturi's work and a photo review of Gehry's cardboard furniture--love the picture of Gehry mid-air about to stomp down on one of his tables, a real 'museum piece'. Plus there is that Botticelli painting valued at over a million dollars then, but still owned (for many generations) by a family of poor Italian farmers. Something in the back of my mind tells me that this painting was later disclosed as a fraud, like the Tasaday Tribe (also reported in 1972 as extremely ancient/primitive heretofore undiscovered people) turned out to be a fraud.
Perhaps scaffolding, like Life, can often be an interesting play of image and reality.

041018a partial Ichnographia with Palais des Congrès in register
041018b partial Ichnographia cropped to size of the Parkway quadrant model
041018c perspective of Palais des Congrès within the Ichnographia context

07101801 IQ with Parkway Interpolation grid and footprints

14101801 Wacko House 001 elevation model
14101802 Sober House 1 elevation model plan perspective axonometric
14101803 Wacko House 002 elevation raw model
14101804 Villa Skeleton elevation model




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