1 November

1514 Giovanni Barile was commissioned to make a wooden model of S. Peter's according to Raphael's design
1596 birth of Pietro da Cortona

1757 birth of Antonio Canova

1803 birth of Francois Léonce Reynaud

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Architect of yesteryears
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Long derided by architects, Prince Charles' model town Poundbury might not be all that bad after all
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Michael Rotondi's GamerLab™ Wants to Revolutionize Architecture Education Through Gaming
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11110101 Le Corbusier architecture plans

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Architect of yesteryears
1894 Accepted into Otto Wagner's teaching studio, but withdrew because lack of formal education made study difficult.
1895 Re-admitted to Wagner's Studio and also worked in Wagner's office part-time.
1899 Works in Wagner's office after return from Italian study visit.
1900 Until 1911 sets up own office in Vienna.
Yes, you could say Plecnik was a turn-of-the-century architect, but most of the work was executed in the 20s, 30s and 40s. His (mature) design work is of a very interesting originality.




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