21 December

1997.12.21     3784c

errors in "speaking architecture"
2000.12.21     e2522 e2758 e2800e e2914 3728d 3749d 3770d 5300d


96122101   U.S. Capitol model   3392bi02

errors in "speaking architecture"
And I now wonder whether it might be more worthwhile to seek a language of architecture where the medium is the message, or is such a 1=1 language the same as "a language of architecture that goes beyond appeals to a metaphorical sense of 'language'?"

07122101 IQ01 plans
07122102 IQ02 plans
07122103 IQ03 plans
07122104 IQ04 plans
07122105 IQ05 plans
07122106 IQ06 plans
07122107 IQ07 plans
07122108 IQ08 plans
07122109 IQ09 plans

08122101 Durand scanned plans Circus of Maxentius Palace of Diocletian with Courthouse Plus Ultra

12122101 Wave Wall House 2 perspectives elevations

14122101 1830 Berlin 1100x550 plan
14122102 Custom House of the Packhof 1100x550 plan
14122103 Monument for Friedrich the Great plan 22002 context
14122104 Monument for Friedrich the Great 1100x550 plan
14122105 Philadelphia City Hall plan 22002 context orthagonal
14122106 Philadelphia City Hall 1100x550 plan
14122107 Eiffel Tower 1100x550 plan IQ context
14122108 Reading Terminal Headhouse 1100x550 plan
14122109 John Wanamaker Store 1100x550 plan
14122110 IQ08 Philadelphia plan
14122111 Maison Dom-ino 1100x550 plan Pruitt-Igoe/NNTC




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