Ury House -- 1687

The Susquehanna Road, planned by William Penn's surveyors as a great highway between the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers, was to have passed through the estate.
Evening Public Ledger (1926.10.22).

Portion of the 1687 Holme plan of Pennsylvania.

The planned Susquehanna Road is indicated in red, and the approximate location of Ury House is indicated with the blue dot.

P. Nelson Rambo and Pet[er] Rambo, who owned land along the Delaware River, were Swedes who settled there before the arrival of William Penn.

Thomas Holme was Surveyor General of Pennsylvania 1682-1695.

Thomas Fairman was Deputy Surveyor General under Thomas Holme, and Surveyor General in 1702.

Silas Crispin was a son-in-law to Thomas Holme.
Tryall Holme was a son to Thomas Holme.

The approximate position of Ury House is ascertained by the junction of Susquehanna Road and the land tract of William Stanley, which is today Fox Chase Farm. Ury House stood across Susquehanna Road from Fox Chase Farm. It appears then that Ury House was once on the land of P. Fairman.

In the 1680s, Thomas Fairman came to own a large tract of land within "The Mannor of Moreland" adjacent the village of Abington. Most of Fox Chase Farm is today within Abington Township. Is P. Fairman a relation to Thomas Fairman? Thomas Fairman did have a son Benjamin Fairman.




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