More specific data regarding the 'grandsons of William Penn" are not provided within any of the Ury House accounts referenced thus far. Two grandsons of William Penn were active within Philadelphia intermittently during the latter half of the eighteenth century.

John Penn
time spent in America:
1751-1755; 1763-1771;
1773 - Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania;
lived his remainig years at Lansdowne, his country estate on the Schuylkill River;
died 1795.

Richard Penn
time spent in America:
1771-1772 - Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania;
1773-1775; 1808 - brief visit to Philadelphia.

"[Keith House] has been honored by the presence of Thomas and John Penn [two of William Penn's sons], Bishop White, Andrew Hamilton, Francis Hopkinson, Rev. Nathaniel Evans and Richard Stockton. It is certainly one of the most interesting historic spots in Pennsylvania."
Rev. S. F. Hotchkin, M.A., The York Road, Old and New (Philadelphia: Binder & Kelly, Publishers, 1892), p. 261.

Ury House -- 1771

Two great-grandsons [sic] of William Penn both shocked and amused their hosts by their slight resemblance to the sober, teetotaling founder.
Manning Smith, "Sisters in Historic Mansion Hold Off Invaders" (Philadelphia Record, 1940.01.29.



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