FISHER, MIERS. Ury. Phila. Co. Counsellor-at-Law.
August 2, 1814. March 19, 1819. 6.640.
Estate to my wife, Sarah Redwood Fisher, and my children: Redwood Fisher, Lydia Fisher, Sarah Redwood Longstreth, Hannah Fisher, Jabez Maud Fisher, deceased.
Sons, Samuel R. Fisher, Jr. and Miers Fisher, share in Brandywine Mills Estate sold to nephew, Joshua and Thomas Gilpin.
Execs: Son, Redwood Fisher, son-in-law, Samuel Longstreth, friend, Benjamin Warner, my son, Jabez Maud Fisher, when of lawful age.
Wife to consult with my brother, Samuel R. Fisher, and friends, Samuel W. Fisher and John Hallowell.
William Rawle, Sr., John Hallowell, Esq., of Phila., Attorneys at Law, affirmed.

Ury House -- 1818

In 1818, Miers Fisher moved back to Philadelphia and died at his residence on Arch Street on March 14, 1819 at the age of 72.



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