Stephen Rowan Crawford was president of the St. Andrew's Society.

Ury House -- 1842

[I]n 1842 Mr. Stephen R. Crawford bought "Ury" [as a summer home] of Dr. D. R. Holmes.
Rev. S. F. Hotchkin, M.A., The York Road, Old and New (Philadelphia: Binder & Kelly, Publishers, 1892), pp.409.

Joseph Ury Crawford was born at Ury Farm, Philadelphia, August 25th, 1842
Pennsylvania Railroad Biographies. No. 25

In 1841 [sic], Stephen Rowen Crawford--the grandfather of the present owners--bought Ury House and made further extensive changes and additions.
Harold Donaldson Eberlein and Cortlandt Van Dyke Hubbard, "Colonial Philadelphia No. 13 Ury House" (Evening Public Ledger, 1939.10.03).

Stephen Crawford made extensive additions to the house and kept up the unusually elaborate formal garden planted by his predecessor. The boxwood hedges became famous, and in 1842 Crawford's Scottish gardener laid out a box labyrinth in the garden, adding to its charm.
Rex Rittenhouse, "Ury House Guest Was Victim Of Jittery Maid" (Philadelphia: The Evening Bulletin, 1945.10.21).



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