Ury House -- 1881

After a successful existence of twenty-one years [sic], Mrs. Crawford gave up her school, and Ury House passed into the hands of her son, Mr. Joseph U. Crawford, an officier in the Pennsylvania Railroad, who now occupies as a private residence the old mansion in which he was born.
Rev. S. F. Hotchkin, M.A., The York Road, Old and New (Philadelphia: Binder & Kelly, Publishers, 1892), pp.409.

In 1860 [sic], Mrs Crawford started a boys' boarding school at Ury and continued it until 1881, when it was moved and became St. Luke's, Bustleton.
Harold Donaldson Eberlein and Cortlandt Van Dyke Hubbard, "Colonial Philadelphia No. 13 Ury House" (Evening Public Ledger, 1939.10.03).

Mrs. Stephen Crawford maintained her school until 1881, when she was in her eighties. Then the school moved, becoming St. Luke's, Bustleton, and later on moved again to Wayne, where ultimately it became Valley Forge Military Academy.
Rex Rittenhouse, "Ury House Guest Was Victim Of Jittery Maid" (Philadelphia: The Evening Bulletin, 1945.10.21).




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