cliff hanger

I was just going to email you too. this via google search cliffs "joshua fisher"

I have a new theory regarding Latrobe and Ury. In 1812 Latrobe exhibited two separate pictures, a "View of the River Schuylkill" and a "View of the Seat of Miers Fisher". I now wonder if this is confused information. After the death of Joshua Fisher, Miers' older Samuel Rodman Fisher lived at The Cliffs. Could Latrobe really have done a picture of the Cliffs--the Seat of Samuel Fisher-- and the name of the owner of the place somehow got misattributed? It could have happened. Plus, I selected to first read the 1812 journal of Miers Fisher to see if there is any mention of the Latrobe exhibit, and there is no mention. The cliff hanger remains.



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