For the pleasure of sharing ideas, through the poetry of the printed word
2007.06.25 10:36

My predominate stlye is 'letter writing' style. Honest, easy and personal.

What I'd like to do more of is 'fictitious historical dialogue'.

As of yesterday, reading Duboy (again) along with ongoing Montesquieu and spotty Foucault--bricolage plus letters plus Las Meninas etc. Mix that with 'fictitious historical dialogue' and you have my next book project.

It's a book about all kinds of style. The working title is über œuvred e suicidal. Piranesi hires a Quaker lawyer to fix historical inaccuracies while the Quaker lawyer hires Piranesi to design an historically accurate house. Neither knew of the other's true propensity--playful double-meaning meets good-natured honesty--yet they discover themselves to be a formidable team. You'll think you're laughing and you'll laugh about thinking.

It will be written and composed via Microsoft Word, lots of control-c and control-v and ultimately pdf.




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