Bonusamicus (Buonamico)
An architrave with sculpture in the Campo Santo at Pisa, Italy, is signed Bonvsamicvs Magister. The same name is found in an inscription at Mensano, near Siena.

The crypt of the cathedral of Sutri, Italy, is signed by him: Grimuhaldus presbyter accolytaI. It was built in the twelfth century.

The fine Romanesque porch of S. Erasmo at Veroli (Italy) is signed by Martinus: EST MANIBVS FACTVS MARTINI QVEM PROBAT ARCVS. The work belongs to the middle of the twelfth century.

Cloister Court, San Cugat del VallÚs, Romanesque, c.1050-c.1150.

Ambulatory, St Front, Perigueux, Romanesque, c.1150.

Church, St. Leu d'Esserent, Romanesque and Early Gothic, c.1150.

Furness Abbey, Romanesque-Gothic (Transitional), c.1150.

Castle, Edinburgh, c.1150 and later.

Cathedral, Worms, Romanesque, c.1150.

San Vicente, Avila, Transitional to Gothic, c.1150.

Castle, Kenilworth, c.1150-c.1550.

San Pedro, Avila, Romanesque, c.1150.

San Lorenzo, Sahagun, Romanesque, c.1150.

Porch, King's College, Canterbury, Romanesque (Norman), c.1150.

Plan of the Church of St. Paul at Pistoia in Tuscany; eleventh century.




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