Cosma Cosmati (Cosmatus)
marble worker (marmorari)
Cosma, the most important member of the family, laid the great mosaic pavement of the basilica of S. Magnus at Anagni (Italy), between 1224 and 1231, signed MAGISTER COSMAS HOC OFVS FECIT. In 1231, with the assistance of his sons, Luca and Giacomo, he made the altar and pavement of the crypt of the same church. The Cloister of S. Scolastica near Subiaco, which seems to have been begun by his father, was completed by Cosmatus and his two sons, COSMAS ET FILII LVC. ET IAC. His most important work is the chapel called Sancta Sanctorum at the Lateran, signed MAGISTER COSMATVS FECIT HOC OPVA.




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